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    Do You Fail the Invisible Job Interview?


    Disneyland may be the happiest place on earth, but the Disney store is not. The miserable experience of that retail environment at Santa Monica Promenade in California is remarkable for its consistently angry retail clerks and harsh restrictions on purchase. Nothing about the Disney brand gets you ready for it.

    As a business owner and …

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    5 Things To Know Before Going Into A Job Interview


    You walk into the interview room and you are ready. You’re looking good, feeling confident, and ready to show off your skills. But then things start to go south. The interviewer isn’t smiling, he doesn’t seem that interested in what you have to say, and wait‑‑did he just yawn?

    Even if you give stellar responses …

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    5 Smartt Tips for College Students



    Getting the right job when you’re done with college starts during college. You’re competing against your college grads for those jobs!  How do you secure the job you want and beat the competition?  Here are my top 5 recommendations to get that job offer.  SMARTT TIPS!

    During college, work!…
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    13 Phrases to Impress Your Interviewer


    The overwhelming majority of interviewees who fail to impress a hiring manager do so because they are unable to incorporate dynamic and thoughtful phrases within their interview answers.

    You can have the most impressive theories on business, the most intriguing insight on success, and the most pertinent information to deliver, but if you don’t learn …

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    6 Things To Think About Before Giving A Salary Range


    To give or not to give a range?

    That’s one of the daunting questions jobseekers ask themselves before entering the negotiating room. Choosing the wrong strategy can leave more than $1 million on the table over a 45-year career, according to analysis by Salary.com. That’s a lot of money and probably not coincidentally, why negotiating …

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    Company Trends: Revealing What’s Hot Among Job Seekers


    We’re introducing a new product feature to Glassdoor today, Job and Company Trends, which gives insight into what jobs and companies are most popular with job seekers. More than 300 trends lists on Glassdoor now reveal what’s top of mind for job seekers across a variety of industries, job titles and cities worldwide. For example, …

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    4 Key Principles to Hiring The Right Candidate


    Hiring the wrong candidate gets costly. From costs incurred by drops in productivity, to reputation costs, hiring the wrong candidates can set your business back in deep and lasting ways.

    Being in the staffing industry for 13 years now in the high volume clerical and light industrial sectors, I’ve seen my fair share of right …

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    Selling Yourself in an Interview Without “Selling” at All


    For any company that has a winning attitude, nothing matters more than getting the right people in the right positions.  Therefore, as a job applicant, during the interview process you must make a compelling case that you are intelligent, competent, autonomous and knowledgeable in the desired areas.

    However, it’s a catch-22.  If you come across …

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    11 Tips for Negotiating a Contract Like a Pro


    Negotiations – you either love them or hate them. In either case, you will have to do it when you’re in the business world. For those who would rather not deal with them, it’s a necessary evil. The good news is that once you learn how to negotiate effectively, you won’t dislike it as much …

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    10 Ways to Alleviate Your Pre-Interview Jitters


    Nobody really likes job interviews. They’re stiff, stressful and it can often feel like your entire future is riding on a dozen impossible decisions. Should you wear the black pants, or the blue? Should you revamp your resume one more time? Switch the font? Get a new headshot?

    All that worrying, of course, can have …

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