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    Which ‘Self’ Should You be in a Job Interview?


    You’ve probably run across articles or blogs that advise job hunters to “just be yourself” to succeed in a job interview. Ostensibly, this would seem to be rather sound advice. After all, no one enjoys dealing with a phony or someone who comes across as disingenuous. Still, I’ve always had problems with such advice, primarily …

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    Successful Salary Renegotiation


    Successful salary renegotiation is a complex, multistep process that takes time. Just like anything else, there is a right and wrong way to approach it. Employees who walk into their boss’ office and ask for more money leave the meeting empty-handed and afraid of losing their job.

    Roughly 70% of the job seekers whom I …

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    Four Tips for Acing Your Job Interviews


    I spoke to a career group last weekend and my speech was titled Seven Critical Career Questions. The questions covered topics that ranged from choosing a profession to improving your interview results. I want to share what I told them about interviewing in this blog post.

    As I mention in Chapter 14 of Fast Track …

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    What Millennials Seek, Desire in an Employer


    I just read an interesting article online entitled, Stop Treating Millennial Employees Like Enigmas, written by Sara Roberts and Michael Papay and featured on Fastcompany.com.[1] As the title suggests, the article focuses on how businesses can best utilize the skills and talents of Millennials, generally defined as that 80-million-strong cohort born between 1977 and 2000, …

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    Career Stalled? NOW is GREAT Time for New Job Hunt!


    If you’ve spent the last four or five years (or even longer!) laboring in “stable misery” at your current job because, among other reasons, you were just thankful to stillhave a job, now would appear to be the best time in years to peek over the edge of your self-imposed foxhole and check out the …

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    Effective Interview Preparation


    While preparing for an interview, it’s imperative to know what will and won’t persuade a recruiter or hiring manager. Attempting to convince an employer that you are competent by outright stating, “I am competent,” will have the opposite of the desired effect.

    Hiring managers are most easily persuaded when they think an idea is theirs. …

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    Can a ‘Headhunter’ Help You? Maybe, Maybe Not.


    When you hear the term “headhunter” what is the first thing that comes to mind? How would you describe what you think a headhunter is, what role he or she plays in the job market? Chances are, if you’re at all like the typical job hunter, here is probably how you would describe a headhunter:…

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    Are You in the Wrong Occupation?


    Are you in the wrong occupation? Probably.

    Here are a few of the top reasons you are likely to be in the wrong occupation:

    – There are over 10,000 standardized occupations and you have not even considered 9,995 of them

    – You would consider it wasting you education to go into another field

    – You are not …

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    Go Ask Brian: ‘Fudged’ Resume Risky


    While we all tend to sometimes “exaggerate” some of our experiences and accomplishments, one place to strictly avoid this tendency is in your résumé. Exaggerating or even stretching the truth can potentially have career-ending/altering consequences. Just go ask Brian Williams, the erstwhile NBC news anchor who recently admitted publicly that he took some, shall we …

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    Answering Tips for “Are You Willing to Relocate?” Question


    “Are you willing to relocate?” question can be a deal-breaker for your interview. Have you ever thought of what to answer to this question? If you directly answer no, do you know if you can still get the job or do you really need to make a major life change in order to get the …

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