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    4 Kinds of Job Hunters; Which are YOU?



    1. MAKE things happen;

    2. WAIT for things to happen;

    3. WATCH things happen; and

    4. WONDER what happened!

    Just coincidentally, there are also …

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    Complex Interviewing Strategies for All Levels


    If you’re going to go for a job, you might as well take the time to focus, properly prepare and get the position. Naturally, this entails integrating complex business ideas so you appear competent, intelligent and knowledgeable to the interviewing party.

    Below, we will show you how to integrate some complex business theories into your …

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    Are You from Another Planet?


    Before you talk to a recruiter or hiring manager, ask yourself: “Am I from another planet?” Because you might be, when it comes to expectations, environment, hierarchy, and all sorts of corporate culture.

    The number one reason why most people lose out on bigger salaries, plus a moving allowance, expense account and even a down …

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    Warnings You are About to be Laid Off


    Unfortunately, there is no job as a secure job nowadays. Layoffs are a reality in the corporate world. Thus, everybody can face a lay-off at some point in their careers. Don’t worry, though! There are ways to notice the lay-off before it happens. If you don’t regret the signs and act quickly, you can change …

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    How to Be More Persuasive at Work


    Little is accomplished alone. To achieve complex goals, we often must rely upon the hard work and cooperation from those around us.

    Therefore, our ability to be persuasive will either further our capacity to lead a successful, lucrative career or it will greatly hinder our odds of achieving our full potential.

    By learning how to …

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    5 Best Practices for a Successful Job Search


    AS THE ECONOMY AND THE JOB MARKET CONTINUE TO IMPROVE, YOU MAY BE AMONG THE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE NOW READY TO EXPLORE SOME OF THE MANY NEW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE. Be forewarned, however, that today’s job market remains very competitive, particularly when it comes to the best positions.

    If it’s been …

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    How and When Do Companies Generally Hire


    Corporations hire in many different ways. The most traditional way of hiring is posting an ad for an open position to multiple different places, such as career websites or newspapers and screening the candidates who apply for this position. When a candidate’s skills match a company’s desired job profile, the candidate is invited for an …

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    How to Ace These Six Types of Interviews


    Locking in an interview can come with a whole host of emotions. There’s the exhilaration for getting to the next step. And there’s the equally as strong anxiety over getting past this step and onto the next. An interview, after all, is somewhat like a large test. If you ace it, you reap the benefits …

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    How to Craft Job Search Emails That Get Read


    AS A PROFESSIONAL HEADHUNTER I GET LITERALLY HUNDREDS OF EMAILS EACH AND EVERY BUSINESS DAY FROM POTENTIAL CANDIDATES FOR POSITIONS I AM ATTEMPTING TO FILL for our recruiting firm’s hiring company clients. Here is a sad, depressing, discouraging fact about the overwhelming majority of these emails: Most are very poorly written and constructed, confused and …

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    The 3 Job Interview Questions You Never Expect


    Would you be shocked into dumbfounded silence, if a hiring manager asked you these three questions in a job interview?

    What have you invented? What is your greatest achievement in life? When have you stood up to authority?

    What? These are BIG questions, taken from a real interview. They get at the meaning of your …

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