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    The Language of Persuasive Interviewers


    It is common knowledge that you make your first impression prior to saying your first word. Regardless, sooner or later, you are going to have to open your mouth.

    When you do, it’s imperative to show empathy, speak from the heart, maintain composure and come across as confident, yet not arrogant.

    This is all part …

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    16 Traits of Winning Employees


    There is no such thing as the perfect employee. However, there are certain tell-tale signs that will either allude to the fact that a hire will work out or will turn into a headache.

    The saying goes – a job seeker is either part of the problem or part of the solution. When a new …

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    The Most Successful Job Interview Tactic


    Having coached the full range of job seekers, from entry-level candidates to C-suite executives, I learned the one job interview tactic that makes the difference between success and failure. This same tactic works for coaches and consultants who want to build a larger practice, secure more clients and do it more quickly.

    The true genius …

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    How Effective is Networking for Job Search


    This is a question asked at all university lectures I give and is a valid one. Though, in reality how much does networking work for recent college graduates?

    Contrary to popular belief it is NOT as highly effective a tool when compared to other avenues, such as applying directly to hiring companies or recruiters whether …

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    To Win New Job, Think, Act Like Top Salesperson


    ONCE OUR EXECUTIVE RECRUITING FIRM, The HTW (“Hire to Win”) Group, DECIDES TO PRESENT A CANDIDATE to one of our hiring company clients for an open position, we stress to the candidate that, from that point forward, she needs to consider herself as being in the sales business. The response we typically get? “Oh, my …

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    How Tattoos and Piercing Will Affect Your Job Search


    In our parents’ generation, tattoos were a big no-no for professionals. Having a visible tattoo was enough to get your resume sent to the trash. And, if you were hired, you may be forced to either get the tattoo removed or keep it covered when in the office.

    Things are different these days, but the …

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    Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job


    Everyone had moments of being fed up with their jobs at some point in their lives. Sure, quitting your job frees you up for a lot of other possibilities but is it really the solution? Are you ready to search for another job or follow your passion to start your own business? Maybe you want …

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    Time to Declare Your CAREER Independence?


    SINCE I AM WRITING THIS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF INDEPENDENCE, and specifically, about the true meaning behind our country’s Independence Day. It’s not just about the cookouts or the fireworks displays. Nor is it about having another long weekend. Rather, in essence, it’s about how …

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    5 Tips for the Executive Level Resume


    There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to resume writing and, as a top executive, you can’t afford mistakes. So how do you make sure your resume stands out without taking an unnecessary risk? The following guidelines will keep you on track to develop the perfect executive level resume.

    Quantify Your Work

    Wherever you …

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    6 Ways to Search for New Job & Not Risk Current One


    If YOU ALREADY HAVE A JOB, BUT FEEL THE NEED OR DESIRE TO SEARCH FOR A NEW ONE, HOW IN THE WORLD WILL YOU EVER CONDUCT AN EFFECTIVE NEW JOB SEARCH WITHOUT UNDULY RISKING YOUR CURRENT POSITION? Admittedly, it takes some careful planning and precise execution, but it certainly is possible—if you go about it …

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