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    Interviewing with Senior Management


    Everyone thrives to have more influence at work. They want to become leaders, do something great with the career they are given and be better liked by those around them. Additionally, power translates into more money.

    However, prior to obtaining an executive level position, you’ll notice that it’s imperative that you learn to interview with …

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    How to Field a Hiring Pro’s First Phone Call


    IF YOU HAVE BEEN CONDUCTING A SYSTEMATIC, WELL-THOUGHT-OUT, WELL-EXECUTED NEW JOB SEARCH, and if you have clearly positioned yourself as being among TOP candidates, in today’s burgeoning job market, sooner rather than later, you should expect to receive an initial contact from a hiring professional, i.e., a hiring manager, headhunter or in-house corporate recruiter. Nearly …

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    How to Hire International Candidates


    There are many educated and talented international job seekers in the US and companies can hire them easily with the right paperwork and this is not as costly as the employers think. Employers only need to file a work visa called H-1B in order to hire the international candidate. Especially, employers in STEM fields are …

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    The Right and Wrong Way to Renegotiate Your Salary


    Successful salary renegotiation is a complex, multistep process that takes time.  Just like anything else, there is a right and wrong way to approach it.  Employees who walk into their boss’ office and ask for more money leave the meeting empty-handed and afraid of losing their job.

    Roughly 70% of the job seekers whom I …

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    4 ‘Never-Fail’ Negotiation Tips from an Expert


    EDITOR’S NOTE: Last week’s post (What’s Usually Negotiable in Job Offer, What’s Not) focused on four  elements of the typical job offer that usually are open to negotiation (salary, starting date, vacation days and relocation reimbursement) and three elements that rarely if ever are open to negotiation (insurance benefits, company retirement plans and paid time …

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    Perks to Negotiate for When Seeking a New Job


    According to Bloomberg View, while companies have increased efforts to fill key positions, employers are also being extremely picky and candidates may be up against some tough competition for the most desirable positions.

    If you are lucky enough to land the job offer, no doubt you used your unique personal branding to help you get …

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    What’s Usually Negotiable in Typical Job Offer, What’s Not


    Great News! You’ve got a new job offer from a great company! Now comes the hard part . . . negotiating various elements of the offer to make sure you will be getting the best deal for yourself. (You can be absolutely assured that the hiring manager making the offer has already made sure that …

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    Time to Adjust Your ‘Internal Soundtrack’?


    Whether or not we’re even fully aware of it, most of us have an “internal soundtrack” that plays over and over on a constant loop, day in and day out. Normally, that “soundtrack” is referred to as one’s mindset or overall attitude. Call it what you may, but one thing seems certain: It can and …

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    How to Get the Sale


    How do you get the sale while leaving the client feeling like they won the lottery?

    Whether you’re a business owner or employee, in a sales function or not in a revenue-generating position, you are a sales person. We may “sell” our personal brand for a new position or our company’s products and services to …

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    Need to Conduct ‘Stealth’ Job Search? Here’s How


    You’ve bid you time for the last several years on a job that’s become stale and largely unfulfilling, just waiting until you were convinced that the job market was indeed improving, that the apparent recovery is for real. Clearly, your career is definitely in the “stall” mode, so you decide now may in fact be …

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