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    Stuck in Your Career?


    Next step in your career

    Many of my clients say they feel suffocated in their careers. For whatever reason, they do not like the profession they have chosen for themselves: they feel they’re poorly fit for their careers, and they dislike everything associated with their jobs, their companies, and their bosses. So, the question is, …

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    How to Sell Yourself in an Interview Without Bragging


    The overwhelming majority of job applicants realize the importance of selling themselves during an interview and they’re correct. It’s imperative to leave any meeting with a prospective employer or recruiting professional firmly believing in your competence, ability to do the tasks at hand as well as fit in with their corporate culture.

    Not only does …

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    How Job Seekers With Disabilities Can Beat Discrimination


    It’s no secret the deck is already stacked against people with disabilities. Tasks most take for granted — things as simple as climbing the stairs to get to our favorite restaurant, for example, or taking advantage of public transportation — are orders of magnitude more difficult for those of us who, through no fault of …

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    6 Things To Think About Before You Start Your Job Hunt


    You’ve spent the last three months searching for a job and company that not only interests you, but that you’re confident you can excel in. Unfortunately, you’ve only been able to find one or the other.

    Finding the right job fit isn’t always easy. The job search can be a painstakingly long process defined by …

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    Here’s Why the Resume Isn’t Dead Yet


    While technology is an important part of the job search equation, it doesn’t trump thought-work, introspection and proper targeting.

    Yes, totally ignoring technology can potentially be harmful, in that disregarding its value could equate to missed opportunities. However, overshadowing the process with a hyper-focus on technology’s ability to catapult your results can be equally harmful.…

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    Most Asked Questions about Work Authorization in the US


    Well, I am getting a lot of questions about work authorization in the US and this week, I would like to clarify these questions. For example;

    I have a university degree from X country. How do I apply for a work visa in the US?

    You cannot apply for a work visa which is called …

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    5 Tips to Land a Job You’ll Love by the New Year


    As the year comes to a close, both hiring managers’ and job seekers’ attention will begin to turn away from the hiring process and on to the holidays. And who can blame them?

    While you might be tempted to press “pause” on your job search during the holiday season, if you want to make your …

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    The 7 Day Plan to Getting a New Job


    The job search can be draining, especially when none of your leads come to fruition. So draining, in fact, that you may feel like you lack the fuel to continue your search. But, instead of halting your job search entirely, consider taking smaller steps toward achieving your end-goal of landing a great job.

    After all, …

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    What Are You Missing?


    From the moment you wake up, opportunities are staring you in the face. So why are you missing out on them? Why are you missing out on the job promotion that’s available, the openings at the companies you admire, and the business opportunities – even the investor who is staring you in the face?

    You …

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    Avoid These 3 Resume Mistakes


    According to Dictionary.com, the definition for resume is “a summing up; summary;” and, “a brief written account of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experiences, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.”

    With this somewhat broad definition in mind, job seekers often get consumed by understanding the details of what to do when …

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