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    7 Lunches College Seniors Should Be Booking!

    Lunch Out photo from Shutterstock

    As college seniors count down the days of their traditional educational career, they should be counting how many influential lunches they have on the books. As the class of 2014 preps by accepting job offers and getting sized for their cap and gown, they should be willing to make a small investment in time and …

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    Get Hired: How to Appear More Confident

    Confident Woman photo from Shutterstock

    When applying for a job today, it’s essential to appear confident in your communications with the hiring manager. Everyone knows that “looking the part” is important. That’s why job seekers wear nice clothes, style their hair professionally and obsess over the design of resumes.

    But even when they’re fixating on details such as the style …

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    LinkedIn Is the Key to Your Next Job

    Next Job photo from Shutterstock

    If you’re in transition and looking for a job or you contemplate changing jobs, there’s nothing more powerful than learning how to be efficient at using the power of LinkedIn. Being listed on LinkedIn is a must. A study by Microsoft revealed that 70 percent of employers have rejected job candidates because of information they …

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    How to Stand Out in a Group Interview

    Group Interview photo from Shutterstock

    You finally get the interview with your dream company. On the interview day, you dress to impress and go to the interview location with full confidence. However, when you get into the interview room, there is a surprise for you. There are a bunch of other candidates waiting to interview for the same position as …

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    Make Sure You Understand the Company’s Personal Brand

    Research Company photo from Shutterstock

    Last week I wrote about the questions you will likely get asked in an interview. This week I’m suggesting the questions that you could and should be asking in the interview:

    • What kind of person do you want for this position?
    • What’s important about the person you hire?
    • How many people have …

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    Why Shrinking Your Resume Can Hurt You


    Have you ever visited a friend who regaled you with their 50-page wedding album or 30-minute DVD of a European vacation? Perhaps they had you crouch over their computer while linking to Facebook posts and images so they could enthuse over their latest accomplishment? How difficult is it to sit still as they narrate each …

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    Get Hired: Make Yourself Shine In Your Interview

    You're Hired photo from Shutterstock

    Make yourself shine 

    Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd to get hired, but few people know what hiring managers are looking for and what it takes to shine in an interview. Hiring managers are looking for certain personality traits. If you have them great, if not you can learn them.

    A recent Harvard …

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    Five Reasons Your Attitude Is Hurting Your Career

    Attitude photo from Shutterstock

    This post is about trying to help you, not about criticizing you. Please consider it in that light.

    Your attitude is one of the most important factors in creating your long-term career happiness. As noted in the first chapter of my career book, “Attitude is important in landing a job, keeping a job, and being …

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    Finding a Job Is a Nonsport Competition

    Stack Resumes photo from Shutterstock

    In principle, getting hired is a simple two-step process: creating an attractive enough resume to be invited for a job interview and then acing it. In practice, getting hired is significantly more difficult because many people are competing for the same single job opening.

    Relative to the vast number of available résumés, only a minuscule …

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    3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Career

    Build Career photo from Shutterstock

    In a world where social media allows us to connect with almost everyone in the free world instantaneously, one platform dominates the professional networking space. Its name? LinkedIn.

    By now, most people in the professional world have heard of LinkedIn. Job seekers know it can help them find a career, but many don’t know how …

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