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    5 Ways To Promote Your Personal Brand’s Blog


    Great content for your personal brand’s blog is a good start, but what about spreading the word in order to attract more readers? There are many effective strategies available, including cross promotion on social media and other publishing platforms. Key steps can also ensure your content gets the most traction online.

    How to rise above …

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    Now It’s Time To Show Your Character(s) On Twitter


    In case you missed it, a certain corner of the social media world experienced an influx of joy, celebratory actions and a splash of a surprise this week when Twitter announced changes to the way we will tweet.

    In the coming months, we're introducing new ways for you to express even more with a Tweet: …

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    The Theory of BRANDarchy


    Welcome to the world where we constantly discuss branding. And while the name of this site certainly refers to personal branding, in particular, the parallels between this and corporate branding should not be ignored. To illustrate this, let me introduce a concept that you may or may not have heard of–one that you can use …

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    How to Grow Your Personal Brand Through Content


    Content and content marketing has been growing across sectors for some time now, and it’s only getting bigger. With the implications for their brand identity, site traffic and online presence, more and more businesses are increasing their content teams and output.

    But it’s not just big business brands that can benefit from content, it can …

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    How to Not Be Just Another Boring E-commerce Site


    Anybody can use a drag and drop website builder, upload a few products, and launch an e-commerce store. But, not everybody will experience success with this business venture. Here’s how to make your online store stand out from the rest.

    When hiring, look for good cultural fits.

    To some, e-commerce is still a fairly new …

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    Compel Your Brand’s Audience With Great Content to Make a Purchase


    A well planned and compelling content marketing strategy can bring in more leads and sales for your personal brand. In order to effectively reach your community you need to put forth a message that causes your readers to want to take action.

    Content that converts into sales is original and appeals to the needs of …

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    Use Agile Marketing to Bring More Visibility to Your Brand


    Being ready for the next big trend or story is essential to building your personal brand online. But in order to effectively stay on track with what is going on in your market, it is important to have good research and analytics in place.

    Are your conversations in alignment with what’s being shared on social …

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    Stand Out on Social Media – Visual Marketing Strategies


    How your personal brand’s image is seen by others is important to your growth and sales. A mix of appealing images and video will not only increase engagement in your social media marketing, but will also establish credibility as your community shares your content.

    The need for a brand to present unique and valuable visual …

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    3 Ways to Promote Yourself without being Annoying


    Entrepreneurs are their own best marketing experts. They know their businesses, products and services inside and out, and operate as brand evangelists when they are on and off the job. The passion entrepreneurs have for what they bring to the market is often energetic and endless. This can be both positive and negative when it …

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    6 Ways To Stay Top of Mind After An Event


    You went to a networking event, chatted with new contacts, and collected cards. Now what?  There are multitudes of things you can do to make a personal and lasting impression past the first interaction. Now that you’ve done your due diligence in attending a networking event and connecting with peers, it’s time to begin the …

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