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    Use Pictures to Build Your Personal Brand

    Pictures have the ability to tell our stories better than written word. A resume may list your volunteer work with a non-profit that creates urban gardens for low-income communities, but a picture of you, elbow-deep in earth, showing others how to plant vegetables is more likely to connect with future employers who value community-minded team …

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    Is It Time for a Proactive Career Change?

    When was the last time you searched for a job while employed, found one you liked better, and gave your employer your two week notice? Have you ever even done this at all? If not, you may be living in the past.

    Whether we like it or not, the average tenure in a job these …

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    A Simple LinkedIn Strategy For Career Change Success

    Ten years ago during the infancy of LinkedIn, I created my profile and waited to see what happened. You can guess, right? Nothing happened!

    At some point I realized that the system wasn’t producing any useful results for me. I was at a crossroads and had to make a decision. Should I give up and …

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    Are You a Lame Career Seeker?

    I spoke recently to a group of approximately 40 job seekers who were alumni of a well respected and nationally ranked major university. They interacted well, asked questions, and seemed genuinely interested in the topic. I volunteered my time free of charge and made several offers of help to this audience. That’s the good news.…

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    Working for a Family Owned Business – Pros and Cons

    Family Owned Business

    Have you considered going to work for a family owned business?

    These businesses have their own special qualities.

    What prompted me to write about this was an e-mail I received after I posted my LinkedIn Publisher post, Are You a Perfect Fit for the Job? Then You Will Not Get It!

    The …

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    Networking: Your New Year Cure for the Career Blahs

    Another new year is just around the corner. And if you are part of the 15% of workers who a Gallup poll says are underemployed or the 53% of workers who a Conference Board survey says are not satisfied with their current employment, perhaps this is time to dust off your networking shoes and get …

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    Career Planning and the Holidays

    Career Planning and the Holidays

    The holiday season is a great time to do some critical career planning for the following year. You will likely have some time off to reflect back on the year that is ending and make plans for the new one.


    Reflect back over the previous year and identify key …

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    Enhance Your Resume with More Accomplishments

    I sat down this week with a 39 year old client to review his resume. As we went through his resume, I suggested changes and the reasons for them. Perhaps some of the items we discussed would be helpful to you. Here goes….

    Creating attention from the start of your resume

    My client’s resume started …

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    Three Tips for Crafting Your 2015 Professional Vision Board

    Are you refreshing your personal brand in 2015 or looking to reinvent yourself and go into a new profession? A vision board may help you crystallize your 2015 goals.

    Vision boards are simply visual representations of your goals. They can be digital or physical collages of images representing your targets. Some  create vision boards using …

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    Suspend Job Search During Holidays? No!

    A question I’m often asked by job seekers is whether or not they should continue a job search during the holiday season. The conventional wisdom seems to be that, during this time of the year, beginning with Thanksgiving Day and running through New Year’s Day, most hiring professionals are so pre-occupied with family celebrations and …

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