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shutterstock_30995868510 Ways to Secure More Sales

Entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with sales struggle with remaining in business. And some professional salespeople who solely focus on the sale itself, to meet their numbers, also face a difficult road ahead.

Sales are based upon the client seeing you as believable and they trust that you will deliver on their behalf.

1. Goal Focus

Everyone feels pressure to make their sales numbers. However, once you are in communication with the client, the focus needs to move from your own purpose to their goals.

Prospective clients want to know you have their interests in mind first before they willingly invest their money with you.

2. Omit “Quick and Easy”

A quick and easy sale is a rarity. Homework needs to be done upfront. This usually consists of researching the prospective client company. Become well informed about the company, their employees and the industry. Compare notes between your prospective client and their competitors. Lastly, strive to understand how the business news of the day may be affecting your client-to-be.

As your conversation takes hold, the client will duly note you did your homework. It is a requirement for earning the sale.

3. Balance Give and Take

If your eyes ever glazed over trying to listen to another talk about how fantastic their product is, you will know not to do the same. A much better route is to ask questions to learn more about the interests of your client-to-be. Strive to get the entire picture upfront by listening carefully. Clarify anything not understood by asking additional questions.

The balance of talking and listening carefully primes the conversation for earning the right to speak about the benefits of what you have to offer.

4. Welcome Objections

Objections are usually expressed when the client does not entirely understand everything you shared. Use this as an opportunity by asking why the objection is being made. Doing so brings to light the missing points and usually saves the sale.

5. Eliminate Excuses

Although unforeseen circumstances occur that drive delays, excuses never work. Ask for permission to continue. Be certain to provide a new estimate that allows more than enough time for delivery.

6. Down the Road

Not everyone is ready to buy even though you may be ready to sell. Simply ask when a better time might be. Put the suggested date and time on your calendar.

7. Follow-up

Without follow-up there is no chance of getting the sale. Be bold enough to follow-up yet be diplomatic in conversation. For example, “You suggested I contact you today, is this still a good time?”  The question will produce a friendly conversation.

8. Follow-through

Annoying requests are usually made upfront. These are to test your actual client service. Take the requests seriously and deliver on time.

9. Don’t Close

“Close” sounds as if you will take the money and run. Instead, open the door for a long-term relationship. Ask when the client would like to get started. Deliver well, and check in, according to their preference, after the sale.

10. Develop Loyalty

The friendly conversations and excellent service will groom a loyal clientele. Your personal brand will become highly admired. Testimonials and referrals soon follow.

These ten steps will lead you to the Smooth Sale!