The overwhelming majority of interviewees who fail to impress a hiring manager do so because they are unable to incorporate dynamic and thoughtful phrases within their interview answers.

You can have the most impressive theories on business, the most intriguing insight on success, and the most pertinent information to deliver, but if you don’t learn how and when to get those messages across, you fail to gain any competitive advantage.

Use These 13 Phrases to Impress Your Interviewer

In order to assist, our sales and marketing recruiters have set forth a list of 13 phrases which when put into your own words and used in the right context will work magic for you.

Engaging and ear-catching thoughts to keep in mind for your interview:

1. I am someone who takes responsibility for their actions and when things go wrong I don’t look to outside forces to blame. Rather, I logically analyze what happened, how the situation could have been handled more effectively and determine how to prevent the mishap going forward.

2. I am the type of person who is in control of their consciousness and who is able to focus attention at will, to be oblivious to distractions and to concentrate for as long as it takes to achieve a goal.

3. I have high earnings expectations because I am confident in my abilities to produce and while I prepare for the worst, I do the work necessary to tilt the odds that the best will happen.

4. I know how to control my emotions and remain calm in situations others cannot. I partly attribute my success to my ability to analyze what creates stress for myself vs. what motivates my best performance. I maintain the discipline to refrain from any activities that lessen my ability to think clearly.

5. I am never satisfied with my current knowledge. Because of that, I continually seek every opportunity available to gain new, pertinent information. I believe that the secret of success is to try to always improve yourself no matter where you are or what your position is.

6. Interpersonal intelligence is one of my greatest skills. I’ve made it a point to gain the ability to understand other people: what motivates them, how they work and how to work cooperatively with them.

7. I like to be part of the solution at all times. I am committed to building something larger and am someone who puts aside personal gain for the better well-being of the group. This sets an example with my co-workers and helps improve the mood of the entire company.

8. I’m very loyal and very stable. I’m a diligent worker and can work within whatever parameters are given to me. I meet challenges head-on rather than sweeping them under the rug and hoping they go away.

9. I pride myself on being autonomous. Before I ask questions, I do research. I understand that both my co-workers’ and manager’s time is valuable. Even when the workload gets frustrated and overwhelming, I am able to continue to work towards the goal of achieving success regardless of the resources I’m given.

10. I will only work for a visionary company that I can buy into. I want to work for a company that stands for integrity, team work, competitiveness and one that rewards those who go the extra mile and end up executing on the right tasks due to that extra effort.

11. I would describe myself as passionate, hard working, optimistic, team oriented and as someone who wants to be a success in life.

12. I want to keep customers coming in and do so with the utmost integrity. I want to convey my passion and belief in the product in order to make sure that the customer feels that they are making the best choice.

13. Learning under experienced, intelligent management is important to me. I want to work under intelligent people and learn from them. I know that I don’t know everything, but I know what I need to learn and don’t procrastinate in uncovering that knowledge.

It’s very hard to predict the exact questions an interviewer or recruiter will ask. That being the case, the most effective interviewees know the points they want to get across well before the meeting and are able to integrate those points within examples and stories they convey throughout the meeting.

Picking just a few of these key points to hold in your mind ahead of an interview allows you to start out already a step ahead of the competition.