We take leaps with faith when we live out our lives, going through our stages, phases and cycles.

How we present ourselves during change, should be an authentic expression of our personality, experience and values. We don’t have to be perfect, just real. The online space has given us an amazing platform and outlet to share, dream, vent and seek support. Amazing really, when you think about it.

“Change for me has always been  a series of “taking leaps with faith”. You kind of jump off the cliff and dive into things with an excited fear, bolstered by an inner faith and personal confidence that it will be ok, because you’ve  got you and a strong, smart network for help and support.”

Going new places, doing new things, expanding new horizons in many areas of life is all of our destiny. We move into and out of jobs, careers, personal situations, always searching for meaning and happiness. Many times, it’s the unknown and uncomfortable that makes us the most alive. Taking leaps with faith can be very scary but also very exciting and stimulating.

I am about to take another “leap with faith”. I am relocating from Ft Lauderdale, where I have been for 20+ years to the Tampa Bay/Dunedin area to be closer to my family. It’s an area I know well, like a lot and feel very comfortable moving to, but moving is moving and moving is big change.

What a gift to be able to share our ‘leap with faith’ stories through blogging, social media, becoming an author, writer, or speaker in today’s content rich world. We can see how our experiences can benefit others.

Here are 5 personal branding benefits from taking leaps with faith.

Change is Inevitable Suffering is Optional

I don’t know why people don’t prepare better for change. We see this all around us and it will happen to us too; people will pass, relationships will end, opportunities will emerge, unfortunate circumstances will happen. Becoming a better change maker for ourselves is indispensable. When we can respond quicker, accept better, be more optimistic and reach out for support, we suffer less through change.

Practice Adapting and Adopting

Change brings amazing opportunity to practice adapting to and finding creative and resilient options for making it all work. You take the moment and apply who you are, what you know and what you have, to all the new circumstances. It’s an adventure like starting a new painting, taking a new road, exploring a new town, or starting a new relationship.

Learn New Habits and Replace Outmoded Ones

I think it’s exciting to create a new set of habits around all the things we need and love to do. From setting up my new home, where I ride my bike, when I write and work with clients to meeting new neighbors, exploring my community and spending time with my family, new habits will be formed and old outmoded ones replaced. It’s a “habit makeover”.

Make New Friends and Welcome New Opportunities

I have very long-term friends and colleagues, who I revere, but I love to meet new people, discover new places and welcome new opportunities. People are to me the most stimulating, interesting and fascinating of all creatures.

Shake Up Your Comfort Zone

Shaking up your comfort zone can be just what you need to become a more skilled change-maker for yourself. I voluntarily transitioned out of corporate America in 2007, and started my business in what was to become a time of great change. When I wrote my book, Career Transition-make the shift in 2010 and published it in 2011, I wanted to tell my story and give others hope and faith that it was not the end but a new beginning. Now career transition is not a periodic event but a way of life!

Don’t ever get so comfortable in your life and routine that you lapse on making it a priority to keep up with all the important things changing outside of you. Stay curious, open to learning new things, teachable and welcome change.

” The joy is in the journey”, so jump off, dive in and leap with faith.


Deborah Shane is Top 100 Small Business Champion 2012, Career Author, branding/media strategist, writer and speaker. She hosts her Toolbox Blog and a popular weekly Business Radio Show that has over 108K downloads! She is a regular contributor to SmallBizTrends.com, Monster, Blogher, PersonalBrandingBlog.com, Forbes.com. Her book Career Transition-make the shift is available on Amazon.com and all major book sellers. Deborah delivers smart ideas and solutions, which make her a popular go-to resource for CNN, CBS, Fox and Forbes.