Self-promotion is part of the game when it comes to establishing and cultivating brand identity. While you want to be assertive, you also want to avoid oversaturation of your brand or message. Too much of a good thing (you) can be perceived in a bad way.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you promote yourself and you build your personal brand:

Avoid repetition. If you continually mention past accomplishments, you run the risk of framing yourself as old news. The status updates about your company or brand should be happening now. It is perfectly acceptable to list past recognitions or accomplishments on your website or blog, but when it comes to current promotions, stick with your latest and greatest news.

Value quality over quantity. There are so many places online to establish a brand presence, and so little time to do it. Instead of stretching your personal promotion efforts too thin and committing a common branding mistake, only commit to a Web presence that you can maintain effectively. It is better to have two or three strong digital profiles that are updated consistently than ten that are lacking. 

Contribute to conversations. Dan Schawbel talks about the way turning someone else’s content into your own personal marketing campaign is off-putting in his book Me 2.0. When you decide to comment on another blog post or social media account, have something worthwhile to say. Establish yourself as an expert on the topic by adding value to the conversation and not shamelessly plugging your company or brand. Not only will promotion through linking look bad but it may actually turn people off to you and your company.

Provide variety. Sometimes the best way to get people to like you is through indirect means. But shouldn’t they like you just based on what you bring to the table? In theory, sure. But people like viral videos. They like motivational quotes on scenic backdrops. They like to hear from people and brands that are not you. By mixing up the content you provide, you show that you know a lot about the topics that are vital to your industry, or that you just know how to have fun sometimes too.

Be not afraid. When you do have something relevant and timely to say, have the confidence to do it. Do not compare yourself to other people or brands in your industry. Your voice is unique so let it be heard. You can promote yourself in non-spammy ways by writing guest posts for others, weighing in on a news story that affects your industry, or simply posting a timely update. Remember that it is okay to promote yourself sometimes.  It’s about choosing to do it the right way, through impression management.  When you choose that timing carefully, you receive a better response.