5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand through Twitter

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A goal among many is to create an online presence. Essentially you want to make a name for yourself online.You want people to associate your face with your brand, and an easy way to do this is through social media. Twitter is a great tool to use when trying to reach your audience. There are so many different options to choose from, but Twitter offers a unique approach to personal branding. You’ve picked your expertise and now you want the world to know you’re the baddest and the best. Twitter allows you to share this with anyone and everyone. Now that we’ve established that you can do this. Let’s explore how you can.

Set yourself apart

How can you set yourself apart on Twitter? How can you build your personal brand on Twitter?  Here are a few ideas.

1. You are your brand. Everything you do and say represents you. Post and share content that is reflective of how you want to be thought of. This is one instance when it is literally all about you. Revolve around what you want people to know, think of, and say about YOU. Don’t get this confused with talking all about yourself on Twitter, but keep in mind your best interest. Does this serve you? Are you being highlighted in the best way? Is this a good reflection of who you are as a person? You get the idea.

2. Define your brand. In order to become a brand, you must first define what it is. What are you passionate about? What can you offer? In High School, did you ever have to take a career assessment exam? It’s a list of questions that, once answered, reveal what you should do with your life. I’m not suggesting this test holds the key to brand discovery, nor do I suggest to take it. However, it does serve as an reminder of the importance to define what you’re good at, what your skills are. Essentially, you have to find your niche, define it, and see if it rings true to how others perceive you. If not, redefine.

3. Get Discovered. The way to build your brand is to be acknowledged. Get discovered by building up your network on Twitter. The more followers you have engaged with what you do (your brand), the more credibility you have. If people are recognizing you for what you do and who you are, the more associated you are with your brand. Twitter is ideal for networking.

A goal when creating a personal brand should be to network.  It’s a channel for others to get to know you as a brand in a personal way, which is why I emphasized number one. The connections you make on Twitter can be added to your database of contacts to translate Twitter into usable business connections.

4. Don’t leave blanks. In order to build your brand, you must be thorough. Your Twitter profile should have a completed bio, a picture (avatar) cohesive with your other sites, and  provide links to your other sites, such as LinkedIn. In order to be completely flush, you must be completely filled out. The goal is to get people to know the whole you, not half of you.

5. Communicate. If you’re on Twitter, then tell others. Good news spreads fast, especially online, so promote your Twitter profile.  The more you communicate, the more people will know of you. Communicate with others on how to reach you outside of Twitter. Whether we like it or not there is only so much that can be done on Twitter. So direct your audience to your other outlets. In order to stand out, you can shout out. Share on Twitter why you follow others by giving shout outs. Communicate your goals and ambitions. Others may share the same or similar aspirations, and you’ve now found a beneficial connection.

Important, interests and news

Twitter allows you to share with others things that are important to you, interests, and news – all in 140 characters. It’s a great approach to get out what you want in a concise way. In a sense, it cuts through the B.S. Set yourself apart by being different. Connect with others in new ways. When someone follows you, don’t send out an automated message. Try and take the time to actually greet them. You’d be surprised by how much weight that one action holds. Think outside the box and remember you are who others perceive you as, especially online.