shutterstock_242675170The ultimate business goal is to convert your effort into sales. How you work, communicate, and persevere will ultimately affect sales growth. Accordingly, the following strategies are provided to help you achieve your goals with greater ease.

Sometimes difficulties are encountered when it comes to communicating with others. The reason is their experiences and understanding of circumstances may be very different. The worst case is a misunderstanding publicly communicated that may cause a negative rippling effect. You then begin to question whether the effort is worth continuing.

Let’s examine the question,
How do you handle negative and rude comments on social media for all of your followers to see?”


1.  Swift Response

When a less than desirable comment is directed toward you, it’s your duty to respond. Otherwise, others will see you as admitting the statement is true. You need to meet it swiftly and to the point.

2.  Diplomacy
It’s only natural to get angry and respond accordingly. However, this is the worst way imaginable to address the person making the remark. With communication so public, it’s wiser to instead deliver a thoughtful response.

By taking the higher road, the other person’s once perceived strength is clearly diminished. A thoughtful response shows you are confident. Credibility soars as doe recognition of your leadership style.

3.  Perspective
It’s a strong possibility that there was a lack of understanding of what you previously said. It could be a language barrier or lack of experience in your field. And if the misinterpretation were to take place on Twitter, the brevity of the system may have omitted some obvious facts unfamiliar to the other party.

The best approach is to thank the person for their inquiry and explain how you came to your position. End your statement with asking if the person has any remaining questions because you are there to help. Doing so brings you additional admirers.

4.  Learning Opportunity
Even the least appreciated remarks provide lessons to be learned. Those that irritate you the most usually have an element of truth attached. Stop to consider where elements of truth reside. Consider whether they shed light on improvements to be made.

Your anger could be related to not having caught the error yourself. On occasion the remark will provide an a-ha moment allowing you to see an improved path to take. Simply say “Thank You”. That usually ends the unwanted conversation and will impress your followers.

5.  Personal Brand
Your personal brand is at stake in all of your communication. It affects how others see you, rate your integrity, and trust in what you have to offer. By communicating effectively and with compassion, you will rate high on their meter rating scale.

6.  Convert to Sales
The following sales tips apply once you are on a good footing with your prospective clientele:

* Address the other person by name and ask for correct pronunciation
* Thank people for their time and consideration each and every time
* Be certain your work will address your perspective clientele’s needs and goals
* Sell value, with integrity, and ask for the sale
* Deliver excellence in customer care

By operating professionally at all times you will develop a loyal following and enjoy the Smooth Sale!