Team meeting

Our schedules are busier than ever, and technology is more complex taking many out of their comfort zones. The likelihood of making errors has substantially increased over time. But the worst error is in how one responds to someone else pointing out a mistake. Suggestions are made below for implementing improved strategies for overcoming errors in communication.

Compassion coupled with the larger vision drives business further.

Typical Errors Include: 

  1. Feeling superior while blaming another for the error only lasts for a moment.
  2. Arrogance kills the sale or any collaborative effort.

The easiest strategy:

Overlook who is at fault and instead figure out an agreeable solution.

Should the error be yours, quickly acknowledge it to move forward to continue the conversation. And when the error is that of another, everyone is grateful when the need to apologize disappears. Even better, the other parties become motivated to listen more carefully to what you have to say.

The simple gesture for handling errors by eliminating the blame game builds:

  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Sales

Instead of feeling superior for a moment in time, the bigger reward in growing and retaining a happy clientele. Your focus on building relationships first allows all else to follow including an increase in sales.  Your reputation precedes you all the while as you successfully build an admired personal brand.  Treating everyone as equals, no matter the circumstance is essential for encouraging testimonials and referrals to grow as well.

No doubt in the past month there has been a series of disconnects between yourself and others. Consider the way in which each of these was approached and satisfied. Or, did any communication end with the sentiment of ‘don’t contact me again!’?

For any incident that ended poorly, replay it in your mind to figure out how it might have been saved. The news today provides excellent lessons. We see people in the process of losing ground. Their strategies range from using expletives and lying all the way to taking the high road.

Where in that spectrum do you wish to be seen?

Think about future responses that you may put into practice to experience better outcomes. As you can imagine, one’s reputation is affected one way or another.

For dealing with issues particularly troubling, use these steps:

  • Look to your long-term desired outcome.
  • Decide whether values and priorities are still a match.
  • Should the outlook still be favorable, laugh and ask to iron out the details.

Sales Tips

  1. Forego pointing out who is at fault.
  2. Examine where the breakdown in communication began.
  3. Offer positive solutions for fixing the error.
  4. Double check that values and priorities are still a match.
  5. Gain agreement on all terms.
  6. Put a new plan of action in place to move forward.
  7. Provide timelines for each step for the more complicated projects.
  8. Remain on top of the progress by checking in with those involved.
  9. Maintain motivation and motivate others to see a completion of the effort.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines for handling errors will lead you to the Smooth Sale!