Announcing Millennial Branding’s New Premium Gen Y Research Portal

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As a Personal Branding Blog subscribers, I would like you to be one of the first to know about my company’s new Premium Gen Y Research portal. I’ve spent several months developing a new focus area for my company, Millennials Branding. We are expanding our research and consulting services to help companies better attract, maintain and grow their Generation Y talent (those born between 1982 and 1993). Despite the recession, many companies are having trouble competing for young talent. Companies are also suffering from retention issues. The average Gen Y employee stays at their first job for just over two years and it costs them an average of $24,000 to replace each Gen Y employee! Companies need to start preparing for the 2025 when Gen Y will account for 75 percent of the entire global workforce. Our job is to help them do that through our advisory services.

In early January, we partnered with in order to examine Gen Y based on their Facebook profiles. Out of 4 million Gen Y profiles, we found that only 7 percent work for a Fortune 500 company, and that they are connected to an average of 16 co-workers and 700 friends on Facebook. The study became an international hit, with media coming from The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, TIME, MSNBC, CBS and over 60 other outlets. We learned that young people are looking for more flexible, high impact and entrepreneurial jobs. This poses a major change for companies that are operating under legacy workplace policies.

In our new Premium Gen Y Research portal, we will be publishing data, analysis and insights on Gen Y workforce management and consumer trends. We will be releasing quarterly studies and whitepapers exclusively to members at $5,000 annual subscription rate. The reports will come out each quarter (January, April, July, and October). All new subscribers will receive a 19 page whitepaper from our first report. Each whitepaper will give you an overview of the research findings, corporate interviews and case studies, third party research and actionable advice on how to better manage or sell to Gen Y. There will also be additional content provided to each subscriber in the form of podcasts, videos, articles and case studies we receive between reports. We see this as extremely valuable for your business, as this research will help you stay on top of emerging trends, allowing you to stay competitive. You will be able to drive more revenue, allocate your budgets more effectively and make decisions based on primary and secondary research.

For more information, review our new Premium Gen Y Research portal.

If you feel like this research and consulting offerings can be beneficial to your company, please contact me directly. If not, please forward this email to someone in your network that could benefit from it. Please note that we will continue helping authors, entrepreneurs and executives develop personal brands using social media tools, as we’ve done since 2007.