It is far easier to sell something if your prospective clientele is already familiar with the service and product. But if you are starting up a business or half-way to where you wish to be, the process of trying to grow sales can be extremely frustrating. This is particularly so if you do not have the budget to hire a dedicated team.

There are a number of steps to be taken that will at least ensure you are on the right track. Expect to encounter learning curves and lessons on what will not work. However, the last idea below does add a bit of fun and exploration to the seriousness of building business.

Differentiate Yourself

Most people dread making cold calls and following up. These two steps are what set apart those who struggle from those who succeed. Your fearless approach also sets the stage for building your personal brand.

Cold Calls

Much debate has been heard about the merit of cold calling. Social media brought about attraction selling. And there are proponents who advocate solely working with referrals.

The fact is the more ways in which you can gain interest from prospective clients, the great the success to be found. Similarly, your ability to adapt your communication style to that of the other person will increase your sales success.

Creativity at Work

The sales mentality is to try as many new ideas as possible to see which one will work best. We refer to the ideas as throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

For some, this sounds completely dumb as it is appears to be a complete waste of time. Most people will say, “Why would you waste your time trying out so many ideas when most won’t work?” Anything out of the ordinary is quickly dismissed.

Remaining true to the norm will keep you at a lower level versus reaching new heights.


There are continual new app developments for enhancing social media exposure. It’s always good to check out the latest software and apps to be certain nothing is missed when it comes to remaining ahead of the curve. These tend to help our marketing and branding appearance, too.

As intriguing headlines enter your in-box, be certain to speed read through the articles. And when you hear someone rave about the merit of one, give it a try.

Blab appears to be the new favorite among peers. The reason it is called blab is that in addition to the four people sharing the video screen, posts and tweets may be driven online to have followers report in. No wonder the site is called Blab ~ because everyone has the ability to chime in!

Use Your Noodles

Which ideas have been stuck in your mind?

Are you ready to see if they stick and materialize into something terrific?

Create a list of complementary activities to make it a more robust effort. Then begin prioritizing what needs to be accomplished first. Keep on track of your goals, followup, and call people to see if they are interested in participating.

In the end, your noodles become glued. And you will be enjoying the Smooth Sale!