Business Pitfalls

portrait-1061047_640During the course of our business, we sometimes see an improved path. But change is scary for many. The question becomes, will the benefit of taking the leap of faith be worthwhile?

Should a recurring thought of “what if…” visit you on occasion, perhaps it’s time to give it a try. Most often it is the uncertainty and realization of intense learning that prevents people from moving forward. So entrenched in habit, it’s difficult to make the change.

Will the process widen your scope of knowledge? And then will you be able to improve service to your clientele?

To finally influence your indecision, create two lists:

  • Everything that will need to be learned.
  • The benefits from having learned the subject matter.

Use the feeling of being under-valued as the motivator to move upward.


When you feel yourself struggling with the work at hand, give due consideration to change. But also determine the root cause for the struggle. Does your reasoning include:

  • Lack of respect
  • Boredom
  • A desire to do something newer?


It is important to pursue work where contributions are made and appreciated. Otherwise, the effort just isn’t worthwhile. Endeavoring in the same without seeing any type of reward may easily affect health. To even consider a change, determine your self-worth and how you may improve upon self-esteem. Ask yourself, if you don’t value yourself who will?

As a business professional, the game changer is to qualify and match the right client and collaborative opportunity. The same is true for ourselves in every regard. As we live up to our own priorities and values, the world opens up with far improved opportunity.

Your Value

One significant change is to move away from the model of being expected to donate time and expertise to make someone else’ project a success. On the other hand, it is wise to include a small portion of your time to community service or benefiting an organization. It boosts you into a leadership position.


Prior to making the leap into a new direction, have serious conversations with those who have gone before you. Ask for their advice. As more questions arise, continue to ask. Specifically, ask what they wished they had known when they started out. The reason is, shock sets in with the realization of how much there is to learn.

The other idea to consider, is to not do a new venture entirely on your own. Explore whether there are trustworthy organizations that might need your help on newer projects. By combining forces with two or three (however many you can easily handle), the pressure is shared and will lessen the feeling of overwhelm. In addition, you will learn newer strategy in a shorter period of time.

It is said that you should always be in pursuit of projects 20% over your comfort level. Explain you are a quick learner and love a good challenge!

Ideas to Consider:

  1. Believe in yourself.
  2. Adapt positive thinking.
  3. Seek out new opportunities.
  4. Review your home page on Twitter to grasp current thought.
  5. Strive to build relationships with everyone you meet.
  6. Say “Yes!” to exciting opportunity.

Making the bold leap into something new will attract a far greater audience along with many admirers of your personal brand.

Your answers to these questions may guide you to a Smooth Sale!