Objections are your friend, embrace them with all your heart!

The opening line may seem a bit peculiar. However, there is truth to those words. Objections are the elements of the conversation that reveal the truth.

Consider this, how often on job interviews or sales meetings do you walk away to feel as if all you heard were lies? What if you can turn events around to have only valuable insights and truth coming your way – would you then be ready to welcome the objections?

My Story

Without sales training in my strategy arsenal at the start of my career, I merely entered meetings with the intent to have engaging conversations. In my wildest imagination, I never expected to sell as I didn’t know anything about the process. But the questions I asked of people meeting with me set me apart from most everyone else. It was curiosity and nothing else that prompted the questions. My intention was to learn and not to sell.

And learn I did! When those I met finally asked me what I was selling only to be told, ‘Oh no, we don’t need that!  It’s too bad because I like you!’ This was the beginning of building a likable personal brand. So I’d return the compliment, ‘I like you too, and am enjoying the conversation.’ But I’d quickly add, ‘please tell me why what I sell isn’t needed so that I understand.’

Instead of selling, I strived to:

  • Learn from clients
  • Validate why something is not to the person’s liking and the reasoning behind it
  • Discover improved routes for increasing interest through Q&A

It was the validation and understanding of why something was not agreeable that generated desired results. Embrace objections because they lead you to the improved path for making the sale. Ask ‘Why?’ and you are half-way there.

Your Story

Do you:

  • Embrace objections as learning lessons?
  • Remain friendly and inquisitive vs. attempting to force your opinion on someone?
  • Ask underlying questions to gain a deeper understanding?

Self-education along with classes help us to improve. Being bold enough to ask the hard questions is needed to advance your career or achieve sales goals.  Initially, everything appears difficult, and we wonder if the effort is worthwhile. The answer comes only after you pour your heart and soul into the effort to experience the unexpected and incredible results.

Sales Tips

  1. Ask tough questions no one else is willing to do.
  2. Make inquiries when things do not appear to be right.
  3. Stop people from speaking when something sounds inconsistent to clarify.
  4. Interrupt people if you need clarification on what a term means.
  5. Provide your creative ideas.
  6. Give an example of how you overcame an obstacle and the results.
  7. In meetings, ask a buy-in question after answering a tough question yourself.
  8. Learn to welcome objections because they show you the path ahead.
  9. Use the expressed concerns as an educational starting point.
  10. Celebrate Success!

These guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!