I came across this podcast featuring Jeremy Schoemaker, taken by Elmer Thomas at the PubCon 2007 event. Jeremy’s corporate brand “Shoemoney” is represented by a logo resembling that of Superman’s legendary symbol. He creates a lot of awareness and brand recognition through passing out free T-shirt’s at events. His blog is one of the top 50 blogs on Technorati, which is quite impressive I must say. I like how Jeremy is consistent with his brand and hand’s his brand out with promotional materials, making it a tangible.

My thoughts in this area are simple: if someone can’t match your logo with a name, then you fail. It’s easier said than done, but if you can uncover a cool logo and then ensure that it connects with either your personal brand or your corporate brand, people will understand and remember you and your company. It’s that clear cut and that necessary. If you can keep a consistent brand image, through all social networks, it will make people recollect who you are.

The below video has some great points attached to it, especially the importance of blending a name with a picture or logo. Every time someone view’s his logo, they think of him.