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    5 Reasons to Get a Degree in Fire Science

    Being a “fireman” has been and still is one of the most popular jobs listed by grade school-aged children when asked what they’d like to be when they grow up, yet few children find themselves pursuing this path once they move beyond adolescence and begin to consider career options and college paths.

    While it’s true …

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    Here’s What You Need to Know About a Career in Medical Services Management

    Like any other business, a health care organization needs a good manager to keep things ticking along properly. Medical services managers plan and supervise the business aspects of health care delivery. A specialist medical services manager, like an emergency medical services manager, for example, oversees a specific department or service, while a general medical services …

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    Earning a Master’s in Social Work While Working Full Time? Yes, It Can Be Done

    There are a number of reasons that you might continue working while you earn your degree. Usually it comes down to finances; advanced degrees don’t really pay the bills until you actually graduate.

    With some programs, such as law and medicine, holding a full-time job while in school is difficult, if not impossible. However, other …

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    Economic Consultant: Who are They and Why You Need to Know

    female Economic Consultant at her desk

    Often, the first question anyone asks of someone studying economics at the graduate level is, “Are you planning to teach?” There’s a common (incorrect) perception that the only career options for someone with an advanced degree in economics are teaching or working for the government as part of a think tank.

    While those are both …

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    How to Convince Your Boss That Grad School Is a Good Idea

    If you are working full time and want to go back to school for a management degree, your primary concern is most likely related to paying for your degree — or more specifically, how to get your employer to foot some, or the entire bill, for your studies. Even if your company offers tuition reimbursement …

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    5 Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Second Career

    The days when people were expected to have just one career throughout their lives are over. Today, many people succeed at two or more careers, changing tracks as circumstances change throughout their lives. Maybe your first career choice isn’t as satisfying as you believed it would be, or you’re struggling to find regular work in …

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    6 Job Search Tips for Millennials

    Frank Jacobsen shares tips related to career development, job hunting, small business, and economic policy.

    If you’re a millennial currently looking for a job, you’ve got your work cut out for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for people age 16 to 24 is 16.2%. The economy is getting back …

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    How to Further Your Brand with Conference Calls

    Branding With The “C” Word: Cohesion

    An important thing to remember once you settle on a logo/marketing angle for your business is that your brand is YOURS and everything you touch should leave YOUR imprint. The reason branding is so important is because once you solidify your aesthetic and message, your brand will do the …

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    Your Online Activity and Personal Brand are Your (Digital) Assets

    If you’re reading the Personal Branding Blog, you’re probably like me and spend 8+ hours online each day between work and play.  Take a second and think, how many online services did you use today and what did you use them to do?  Yesterday, I used 19 online services to create and share information, connect …

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    Social “Me”dia Syndrome: A Deadly Epidemic

    That Will Cause Your Brand Building and Business Growth to Suffer

    Could you be suffering from Social “Me”dia Syndrome and not even know it? Unfortunately, this common ailment is causing millions of businesses and individual’s serious pain when it comes to their online brand building and business growth efforts.

    So what is Social “Me”dia Syndrome? …

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