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    Make Problem Solving Part of Your Personal Brand

    Do you want to get ahead in your career? Then don’t spend all of your time on networking, your appearance, and writing the best emails and Tweets. There’s another important thing that you need to incorporate into your personal brand.

    You need to be known as the person who solves problems.

    It’s pretty simple, really. …

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    Create Your Own Career Insurance Policy via Your Personal Brand

    Is anyone else sick of hearing people use the recession as an excuse for just about everything? “Oh well I can’t, you know, the recession…”

    Well, Negative Nancy, guess what? You should of learned your lesson when the dot com bubble burst and then again after September 11- there is no such thing as job …

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    Building Your Personal Brand with a New Company

    As a newcomer to an organization, there are always obstacles to hurdle; learning names, where to put out-going mail, possibly even how many creamers the boss likes in their coffee. As time passes you learn names and develop your skills. The real key to your success, though, is distinguishing yourself from everyone else.

    1. Know…
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    Bridge Web 2.0 Generation Gap and Engage

    Now that the economy is beginning its slow uphill climb, boomers are beginning to think about retirement and the cycle of hiring entry-level talent is beginning again. Yet, a lot has changed in these past months and as any hiring manager can attest to, the Millennial Generation is like no other.

    Many hiring managers are …

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    Personal Branding: Your Content DOES NOT MATTER

    Do you know how good it feels like the first time your blog gets a thousand visitors in a day? Neither do I…I’m just kidding.

    The reality is that there is a very important lesson that you must learn if you want what you write to be read. It’s very simple – yet SO important:…

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    Creating an Online Presence to Develop Your Brand

    As an online journalist and news junkie, there are multiple platforms that I use in gathering news and digesting the plethora of information out there. Whether it is to keep up on my areas of interests (tech, social media, business models in journalism) or areas of news that I simply enjoy being informed about (local …

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    Guest Post: Developing a Compelling Personal Brand Image

    Developing a compelling personal brand image still remains essential to winning and keeping management’s faith. Since the massive downsizing wave that swept the 1990’s, management has begun to suffer the same pains as the blue collar workers. Everyone is overworked and unable to focus entirely on any one thing. Professional development in the corporation has …

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