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    Mentoring Your Team Through Concise Instruction

    As managers, we often have to go over situations and discuss the reasoning behind certain decisions. This usually entails the manager noticing something that is not quite being done in the way it should be. Say, you are trying to get an employee to not just see the tasks that he KNOWS are in his …

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    Push The Bottom Line With Employee Input

    Some people are labor. They want to come in and do certain set things. Whether it be fixing toilets or submitting annual reports, this employee is not looking to innovate, think critically or in general, create positive change. Businesses NEED people like this. Not everyone wants the added responsibility of creating the path, some just …

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    For Success: Take The Emotions Out of Decision Making

    Every major sport has a trade market. It’s one of the main ways that teams try and make moves to either win now, or build for the future. As an avid Celtics fan, I have watched my team make good and bad moves over the years. The biggest moves of my time were the trades …

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    How Crisis in the Workplace Creates Opportunity

    The phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” has become a trendy slogan of late, finding its way onto the internet, fashion and into our modern lexicon. What many might not realize is that it originated in England during World War II from the ministry of information. It was a poster that was to be put …

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    Why Setting Expectations is Critical at Work

    It’s often said that your employees don’t have to like you as long as they respect you. This is true, however, there are many pitfalls that will not only make your employees not like you, but lose respect for you as well. No one wants to be a bad boss, even if we don’t expect …

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