Be My Guest: Hosting Guest Bloggers

Personal Branding

If you are an expert in your field, chances are you are taking advantage of commenting on other blogs in your area, searching for opportunities to write for other outlets, and posting links to your blog to every possible social network in your name. Each of these strategies aims for one goal: to build your personal brand by increasing online traffic.

A reversal to the common approach of building brand awareness by seeking out opportunities to be featured as a guest blogger for other sites within your area of expertise may be one to reflect on. Guest blogging has been proven to build brand awareness as it enhances your credibility and increases your exposure. But, remember that personal branding is a 24/7 job. Keep your audience on their toes by acquiring the role of host rather than guest for a proven boost in online traffic.

Managing a strong online presence through your blogs, social networks, and other online content is the most tangible way to build (or damage) your personal brand. Although it is important to stay consistent, times are always changing and sticking to the “same-old, same-old” strategies may be the reason you fell behind. Therefore, it is important to continue utilizing new and effective ways to reach your audiences to avoid experiencing any lags in online viewership.

You may be wondering, “Why would I be the host to my very own competition?” Initially, yes it seems as though you are setting up a silver platter for your most elite competitors to swing on by your online platform, gain some exposure, and maybe even take a few of your followers along with them. But, consider the following advantages of inviting others to be your guest:

Spice things up

If you are posting several blog posts a day (or even week) related to your field, coming up with new ideas can sometimes be a challenge. In fact, this consistency of your same routine may be the exact reason why you are experiencing a dry spell in your viewership. Just like adding some color to your plain green salad for a more aesthetic dish, hosting a guest blogger can freshen up your content and help you to explore new perspectives you haven’t considered before.

An endorsement to call your own

Your online personal brand is measured by your influence, plain and simple. True influencers online are those who are engaging and reputable. Hosting some of the true influencers in your specialized area is comparable to investing in a celebrity endorsement, minus the millions of dollars. Putting a recognizable name in the industry on your site will undoubtedly drive traffic as it boosts your own credibility simultaneously.

Sharing a common goal

While you are looking to build your own personal brand, keep in mind that your potential guest blogger has the very same goal in mind. As you share with your audience your new feature, you better believe that your guest will be sharing the post with his or her own following as well.

​Inviting a guest blogger is mutually beneficial to both parties and an excellent way to build your personal brand and online presence. This isn’t the first role reversal we’ve seen in this day and age. Try it!