At Pegasus Media World, I publish an author who deals with the silent killer of success:.  It’s the stealth nature of fear that makes it so dangerous. You don’t typically recognize the majority of times when the deadliest emotion you can have in business is exactly what’s behind the self-sabotaging actions (or lack of actions) you take.

Fear is often hard to recognize, because you think fear should feel like quaking in your boots – like how most people feel about public speaking. People who fear speaking to groups, feel this hair-raising, gut wrenching, dry mouth, heart pounding set of symptoms that are undeniable.  By the way, I earn a great portion of my living by public speaking, so if it helps: public speaking is fun and empowering once you get over yourself.

What fear feels like

But most of your fears aren’t the cartoon version – your knees probably aren’t shaking. It’s not heart pounding most of the time.

Sometimes fear is what makes you sleep in and be late to work. Sometimes, it’s the reason you read a blog but don’t “have the time” to leave a comment.

Fear feels like doubt. Uncertainty. Worry. Concern. Second thoughts. Being tired. Laziness. Disinterest.

Fear looks like a lack of good opportunities to be your best, or show off exactly how you can help someone solve their business problems with your solutions.  Like, geez – how come nobody takes or returns my phone calls? If you listened to your message, you’d probably know right away.  Fear often makes you sound indifferent. We sense you lack belief in – or excitement about – what you have to offer.

Fear will hold you back

So, if you are missing an outpouring of opportunity to be your best self, it’s probably fear that has prevented you from showing up at networking events, or speaking up in a company meeting, or raising your hand in class.

Fear kills your career because it makes you stay home or stay quiet or otherwise stay within your comfort zone. Even though logically you know: if you keep doing only what you are comfortable doing, you’ll never have more than you have now. And what don’t you have now? More money. More influence. More joy. More success.

What has fear stopped you from doing – and enjoying?

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Whew. Wouldn’t that change everything?