I ran across this quote the other day from Mzinga CEO Barry Libert:

“GM never thought of themselves of being in the business of connecting people, which is why they’re going bankrupt,”

Pretty valid thought if you ask me. Should all businesses be involved in connecting people with each other? Better yet… should businesses search for that lofty goal of connecting people who use their services to people who do not?

My opinion… Yes they should.

Business has always been about connecting. This same concept applies to personal branding. If you look back into history there has always been some type of connection between two people that created a company or brand. Connection points are what drive everything you do in a personal and professional setting….whether it is a deal that was signed or an idea sparked out of thin air.

What are you doing to connect?

The Internet has given way to a landslide of communication. You now have the ability to connect with every demographic on the face of the earth. What is your company doing to connect? I am not going to sit here and say that the demise of GM was based around their inability to connect… but it is a valid point.

What are you going to do tomorrow to make it easier for customers, network and potential connections grow and flourish?