We all hear talk of going into endeavors that follow your passion and talent whether interviewing to become an employee or building a business, and from this to build your brand. This morning, mine came to light causing me to laugh!

Upon the publication of my second book, HIRED! How to Use Sale Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, I received a most incredible comprehensive book review I have ever seen. But it didn’t stop there. The reviewer, Mr. Salvador SeBasco wrote an additional sentence afterward that captured my personality. Comprehension of the written word is his unique talent enabling him to enjoy a lucrative business as a show host on The Inside View and as a member of the National Book Critics Circle. He is capitalizing on his talent and passion.

Early in childhood, I learned to stand up to bullies and prove myself. The sentence he wrote about me as an after thought was,

“She believed she could and should; she did.”

Time again as challenges appeared in my corporate career and as an entrepreneur, I held true to who I was and pursued, persevered and succeeded. I’m one of the few who finds negativity toward me motivating to prove the other person wrong. No doubt this goes back to my early years but it also a part of my brand. When my passion and desire are coupled with the mindset and focus to succeed – nothing may stop me. I will persevere.

The root of your drive

So how about you? Where do your wisdom, passion and desires stem from? When you interview, an excellent technique is to respond to objections or questions with 1-2 minute story-telling vignettes including the personal you. The technique is to paint the picture of a similar circumstance, how you overcame the challenge and succeeded beyond all expectations.

The end result of your story should allow the interviewing party an insight into your personality, feel a connection with you, and provide greater appreciation for how you work. Knowing yourself and being able to communicate succinctly and effectively builds trust and confidence along with landing you the job you desire or helping to build a thriving clientele.

Everything you do in life becomes inter-connected. So you need to really take inventory of what you enjoy the most and where you talent lies so that you may leverage all that you do.

For example, I always enjoyed travel and meeting people different from myself. In college I studied anthropology to learn more about ancestors and cultures. This played well for my career as a salesperson.

Determined perseverance

The biggest challenge came, upon my entering corporate sales. It was believed a woman could not sell. In spite of no training and every trick under the sun played to make me quit, I became the top producer by the 4th month – determination and perseverance kicked in.

Years later, I wrote the international best seller describing what occurred at this particular office and my career. Not only was the writing of the book cathartic, it taught others how to improve their relationships with their prospects and clients and to build a thriving business.

You can imagine that ill treatment in the corporate world led to my interviewing multiple times. I was soon a pro on selling myself on interviews. The techniques for which were recently translated into my latest book.

Preserve your brand

My brand was always one of perseverance but over time it grew into helping others succeed too. When you know who you are, where you excel and what you wish to accomplish in life – it becomes very easy to set the plan in motion and make it happen. This is when you enjoy the Smooth Sale!