We spent most of our daily time at work so ideally we want to feel comfortable there. Unfortunately, many of us feel stressful at work and always keep some worries at the back of our minds. Below are the most common workplace worries and how we can overcome them.

  • Getting fired: Anyone has the fear of getting fired at one point in their lives. Whether the economy is bad or your company has been acquired by a larger corporation, anyone can get called by HR and find themselves out. The best way to deal with this fear is talking to your manager about it. If you really trust your manager, then you can talk to him/her about your anxiety of getting fired or you can ask him/her how your performance is to get an idea about your position in the workplace. However, sometimes even if we are doing a great job, there may be mass layoffs in the company due to reorganization or downsizing. In this situation, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.
  • Being passed over for a promotion deserved: If you really think that you deserve a promotion and someone in the workplace has been trying to backstab you, then like Bob Marley says in his song, you should “Get up, stand up for your rights!” The best way to seek your right in this situation is building relationships with other people. If you have others aside you, then they can also support you standing up for your rights.
  • Not being able to handle the workload: In some workplaces, there can be many days where you have to work overtime. For example; in auditing and accounting firms there is a busy season where everybody works until late nights or even work on weekends. If you cannot handle this workload, then first try to reorganize your tasks and activities to see if you can finish some of them quicker or at least try to finish the important ones first. Still if you are having trouble arranging your workload, maybe you can try to talk with your manager about it.
  • Being disliked by your manager/boss: Unfortunately, we cannot always get along with everyone. If you feel that you have a bad relationship with your manager, try to reassess your relationship. Think why your manager feels this way and how you can change it. Maybe you cannot communicate well or maybe your work styles are different. Whatever the reason is, it is up to you to correct it.