Connecting Personally Drives Client Loyalty

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Thanking a tele-marketer for calling is a rarity at best. Instead, the question that comes to mind is whether to hang up immediately or give the person an opportunity to proceed. Hectic schedules are usually the deciding factor.

Example #1

Surprisingly, the phone was answered to hear thoughtful words from a telemarketer. Timing couldn’t have been better as a heavy duty project was just completed a moment prior. But what grabbed attention was the fact that there was no obvious use of a script. Instead, the conversation quickly became personal by sharing anecdotes. This is the direct route for building a favorable personal brand.

The telemarketer wasn’t solely focused on making a sale. Instead, she concentrated on the possibilities for working together. The conversation sounded genuine and interesting. It was explained upfront that there was no need for the service but the telemarketer’s work was of interest. Surprisingly, by the end of our conversation, the telemarketer was provided appreciation for having called. And an agreement was made to reconnect in a couple of weeks.

Example #2

Two people reconnected after having met one another ten years prior at a conference. At the time they lived in different states, but years later recognized they were nearby one another. The two decided to meet for coffee and conversation. It was relaxed, enjoyable and soon each person had recommendations to make. No doubt they will get together again in the near future.

Low Key Sales Strategy

The better strategy behind selling is to listen for the friendly and authentic nature of another. Passing the initial test, gives the conversation an opportunity to see what might be held in common and where it could lead. This is the low key sales approach that works extremely well.

The worst case possible is that no sale will ever be made. On the positive side, an insightful conversation takes place. And the best case is, you both agree to do research and then regroup to brainstorm collaborative ideas.


Examine the Past

Have you ever been quick to dismiss someone? Looking back, do you believe an opportunity may have been missed? If so consider these ideas in the future:

Listen for what’s being said and not being said Should the opening sound genuine, listen to ask clarifying questions Provide your expertise as it relates to what is shared in order to see where the conversation may lead.

Do you sometimes go about your routine to have someone’s name come to mind? It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with that person. Simply beginning the conversation with, “I was thinking of you…” will put it on the right footing.

Given we are nearing the holidays, this is the perfect time to begin thinking about those with whom you might reconnect. Most business is conducted the last quarter of the year. As a job seeker, reconnect with those you had interviews but never heard back. As salespeople, contact those prospects that weren’t quite ready. You may be in for a very nice surprise!

The final note is, upon applying all of the above, a loyal returning and referring clientele begins to develop.

Sales Tips:

  1. Give every conversation an opportunity.
  2. Listen to others for authenticity and areas of common interests.
  3. Provide your insights regarding those common interests.
  4. Exchange suggestions to help those you encounter.
  5. Offer appropriate introductions.
  6. Ask how you might be of further help.
  7. Accept insights provided and inquire to learn more
  8. Determine if there is potential collaborative effort ahead.
  9. Suggest a follow-up date to reconvene.
  10. Give every opportunity an opportunity.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!