Place Your Personal Brand Top of Mind With Influencer Marketing

Personal Branding

shutterstock_131673404Trust is the most important factor when attracting word of mouth recommendations. Having the right influencer connections for your personal brand is another way, but it’s how you build those relationships that makes a true impact.

How can your brand gain more visibility through meaningful connections? By establishing relationships with individuals and business leaders. With communication and conversations your brand could generate more sales when recommended by a trusted source.

As a personal brand interacts online social measurement tools like Klout are tracking your influence. This not only also affects your website subscriber rates, but also how your community perceives you. There are a few simple strategies to follow when attracting the right people to your brand.

How to Connect With Top Influencers

Word of mouth recommendations are brought about through a good image for your personal brand, which is built over time through daily interactions. Use these tips to attract the right people to your business:

Keep a record of your connections – Who is the most active influencer in your brand’s niche online? Places like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn have the ability to track and list your connections or they can be recorded on a spreadsheet. Once you find the right people and businesses you will want to maintain contact with them. Taking advantage of lists, social monitoring tools, ect. in order to stay in focus with the most important fans and followers.

Focus on where your audience is – Social media is a large place where brands can spread themselves too thin by being active on too many networks. Not only can this divert your attention from the most relevant people, but can also take away precious time that could be spent interacting with them. Through research and monitoring your brand can determine exactly which platforms are the most popular for your online community.

Track your influence – Your online activity and offline networking directly impact your brand’s level of influence, which is a big factor in establishing credibility and drawing attention from the right influencers. Use social measurement tools such as Klout to learn more about how to improve your communication online as well as how your competition is building their brand.

Daily activity and interactions can’t be missed – A gap in communication on your blog and on social media can hurt your personal brand’s reputation and perception. Use creative methods to stay in communication with your audience such as email updates, automation, and offline meetings. This sends a message that your brand is both professional and trustworthy to your influencers.

Forging the right relationships online takes time, diligence and patience, but in the end will create more opportunities for your personal brand. In an environment that is highly automated personal connections are becoming more valuable, and can help your brand rise to the top of the visibility scale.