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shutterstock_275800298Communication is delivered in many forms and we are all dependent upon them. To sell your ideas and your services well, it is essential you continue to learn the better strategies available.

Asking questions to gain added insight is your competitive advantage.

Client Story + Yours = 2/3 of the Story

Why is this the case?

The person with whom you are meeting has desires and experiences as do you. However, the competitive differentiator – waiting to be claimed – is to discover the missing links for the prospective client.

Communication Strategy

Be friendly
Prior to getting into the business portion of the conversation, ask how your prospective client chose their career, and what they like best about it.  The personal touch always helps.

Ask for clarification to fully understand the scenario
First and foremost this prevents glaring errors when it comes to proposing a solution. Most people do not admit when they don’t entirely understand what is said. By doing so, you differentiate yourself as being honest and someone to be seriously considered as a supplier.

Questions to Pursue

Why was the meeting agreed to?
Most people are much to busy to waste time with meetings. Something apparently caught their attention to agree to meeting with you. Asking the question is the direct route that eliminates the usual “just curious”. Instead, by asking further questions you will gain insight on the current need(s).

What is disrupting their business due to the missing pieces?
It’s true that there is an upfront need to focus on the negative in order to have the prospective client reveal more. The revelations produce greater insight for a comprehensive solution. Asking questions serve to further build the sale.

What if…
The “what if” questions in your vocabulary will provide insight as to what the prospective client is thinking. You should also ask how they see a solution from their perspective. The two types of questions combined provide a fuller picture for what is needed to improve their situation.

Prioritize Needs
By asking the client-to-be to prioritize their needs, you will quickly recognize where you need to focus suggestions. Should you have complementary ideas to enhance the solution, ask if there would be interest. Then provide further explanation as needed.

Listen Well and Other Techniques

Your competitive advantage resides in obtaining all of the facts upfront before you ever begin the traditional sales cycle. Almost everyone else will instead use “telling selling”. This refers to non-stop talking about how terrific their service is. They show no interest in the client, but instead focus on themselves. Their process is entirely ego driven and produces little compared to the strategy of asking intelligent questions.

The question you should ask of yourself is, “Would I rather work with someone ego driven or another who is interested in my welfare?”   The answer is obvious. Use this as a basis for conducting future sales calls. Developing this type of respected personal brand will drive improved results in no time.

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!