shutterstock_202616866Given that the end of summer is fast approaching many are preparing to take vacation. During this more relaxed time period, spend ample time anticipating what may be achieved upon everyone’s return to work.

Dates to Review

If you haven’t already, in the future ask your clientele when they anticipate taking vacation. Note the dates on your calendar to wish them a nice time away. The gesture will be appreciated and remembered serving to further build relationships.

New Business Review

Two lists are to be maintained through the year consisting of current and prospective clientele. Use your database to track when you need to follow-up to schedule meetings and continue conversations.

Sales Goals

Sales professional are familiar with the fact that most business is conducted the last quarter of the year. The reason is companies are careful to not spend their entire budget during the year, but the remainder will be lost if isn’t entirely spent. Therefore, it seemingly becomes the holiday season of giving when it comes to buying and selling, particularly the last quarter.

Entrepreneurial Review

Recall what your favorite moments were during the summer and why that might be the case. This may provide impetus for furthering that particular venue or creating something complementary. As Fall approaches, you will already have formulated ideas for your improved or complementary products and services to provide clientele.

Two Lists

Promise yourself to contact every single person previously connected with who expressed some interest during the year.  Create a primary and secondary list of people to contact.

To build momentum and excitement about the “have-to” follow-up, call the secondary list first. The idea is to become very comfortable with this activity before you approach the serious prospects. The important factor is to further build relationships with everyone you meet.   As you begin to feel good about the sound connections being made, call those on your primary list.

September Goal

The calls should lead to 2-3 serious daily meetings for the month of September. You might suggest coffee with entrepreneurs or formal meetings with an executive’s team of decision makers at the corporate site.

Agenda for Meetings

After exchanging pleasantries, briefly recap why you asked to meet. Next, suggest you exchange updates and have the prospective client speak first.  This allows you to recognize a match and potential new ideas they might try.  By the end of the updates, you will know how to position what you have to say to their interests.

The goal will be to obtain an official date to begin doing business.

Joy vs. Pressure in Meetings

By December, pressure is is felt with the countdown to build your own business or make quota per the corporate requirement prior to the holidays.  But with the holiday spirit is in the air it is important to do you best to maintain that cheerful feeling while in meetings.

The first question in this case should be, “Do you have special plans for the holidays?”  This puts the conversation on a relaxed footing yet you may bring it back for a serious discussion.

As everyone comes to agreement on the benefits of what you have to offer, specifically ask to get started in December.  Seeing a nod, present the paperwork ready to go.

Using time efficient strategies as well as focused follow-up will increase the popularity of your personal brand.  Best of all, you will be enjoying the holidays and the Smooth Sale!