Errors to Avoid and Communication Consistency Will Fuel Sales

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Nothing is more distressing than to try to work with someone who is inconsistent throughout all of their communications. This includes verbal, written, and behavior in addition to body language and facial expressions.

The inconsistency is troubling because it raises the question of whether the person may be trusted. As a business professional it is important to recognize that when trust is in doubt business is lost.

You may recognize some of these irritants:

  • Denial of what was previously said
  • Showing up late without warning
  • Pushing the sale without thought given to the client’s purpose

Favorite Traits

Take time to list your favorite traits found in your friends and those of your favorite clientele. Next to the words in the bulleted list, add a sentence of why you like it.

For example:

Helpful – developed a closer relationship

Humor – have fun together

Knowledgeable – may always be counted on to provide the best answer

Stress Situations

Next, consider previous poor experiences. Make a second bulleted list of factors contributing to the stressful situations. Put a star next to the inconsistencies that included promises made.


Your third list is to reflect the companies you turn to when their type of service is needed. Did you ever consider they aren’t alone in their space but have competitors? What is it about these frequented services that have you as a devoted customer? List out their consistencies.

Analyze Lists

Check for your own consistencies in what you most prefer and least admire. Then take note of lessons to be learned from the lists. What may you take away to add to your repertoire?


Review what you listed as your consistencies to see what might be refined or added to the list. These may well become your differentiators to be communicated to prospective clientele and earn you increased business.

My Observations for Improvement:

Call ahead to be certain you connect with the person to let them know you will be late. Then ask if the later time still works.

Sales Strategy: Agreement tells you everything is still good.

Pick up and drop off clients next to the curb.

Do not have your car sticking out in the middle of the street to have other drivers honking at you. It’s unnerving for the clients plus puts a question mark as to whether you actually do perform on your client’s behalf.

Sales Strategy: Thoughtfulness on all levels encourages business.

We are all guilty of making errors like these from time to time. Therefore there is no shame but one does need to take ownership of having done so. Most people are forgiving. Apologize to move forward.

Sales Strategy: Demonstrated honesty encourages a long-term relationship.


The importance of these lessons lies in the fact this is the starting point for conducting business. When your preferred habits are faithfully followed, the collection becomes known as your personal brand.

Your unique trait ensemble may easily be transferred into the brief story you share with prospective clients to reveal the unique way in which you conduct business.

Sales Strategy: This produces the emotional connection that influences sales. The above suggestions will enhance client loyalty that leads to the Smooth Sale!