Millennial Worker

The original title for this post was … Have at least one Side Hustle.

As I started to write it I realized it was bigger than that and more far reaching.

There is no such thing as a forever job anymore. Except the one you create.

In this day and age there is no such thing as a permanent job. There is no such thing as a forever job. There is no such thing as employee or employer loyalty.

No matter what you or I think about these points the facts are the facts.

Baby Boomers may have been the last generation to have some semblance of a forever job. But, even for the late stage Baby Boomers (those that are just 52 years old now) this is not a forgone conclusion.

For Gen X’ers and Millennials there is a need to make your own career by piecing together the parts you like with the skills you have.

Hence, you will need to get AT LEAST ONE side hustle.

What is a Side Hustle?
It is any additional income source that is separate from your paycheck. It’s not so much a part-time job as much as it is something your are passionate about creating and sharing. 

There are lots of things that can be considered a side hustle. Everything from teaching a skill you have (guitar, kite surfing, a foreign language, etc.) to running hackathons, building websites or taking your eGaming / eSports skills to the mass market. The great thing about Side Hustles is that they can be whatever you imagine them to be.

Some side hustles allow you to achieve that nirvana of having your money (or skills) work for you while you are sleeping. However, some are still where you are trading time for money. Of course, barter is always an option to cash too. Consider these options as you seek out and develop your Side Hustle efforts.

Bottom Line for Side Hustles – Find a Niche and Fill It!

Some people have created an mini-industry out of helping people identify, execute and grow their Side Hustles. Take Chris Guillebeau as an example. He published The $100 Startup in 2012 ( 5 long years ago) and followed it up with Born for This. I was fortunate enough to meet Chris at SOBCon when his first book came out. I’ve read both and I encourage you to do so. They’ll get you thinking. At a minimum he gets you thinking … Can I really create a startup for $100?

Finding a Niche … and Filling It!

If you’ve been watching the Netflix hit Grace and Frankie you’ll know that they created a business that focused on a very specific target market. Although this is not technically a side hustle the point is … the found a niche and filled it. Which is the essence of any business and even more so for a side hustle.

Bringing Up Your Side Hustle Game

I channeled one of my favorite bands, The Foo Fighters, in a post named after one of their songs Is Someone Getting the Best of You? In this post I ask the essential question of why and how you’ll decide which Side Hustles you want to put your effort into.

I often talk about Standing Out in Your Career. A Side Hustle is one way to to that. In fact, I think that when you do a Side Hustle right they can turn into your career. Even if that “career” has multiple facets and may span the globe and may even work while you are sleeping.

A Side Hustle doesn’t always need to take a lot of time. The main thing is getting started. As I wrote about in Stoke Your Passion and Elevate Your Career there are smart managers and companies that actively encourage employees to get involved in Side Hustles and passion projects. If you work for one of these enlightened managers or companies … congratulations.

Either way … in order to survive and succeed in the ever-evolving world of work you’ll need a Side Hustle. At least one.

As you continue on in your career planning … Get a Side Hustle, You’ll Need One.