Why Your Personal Brand Still Needs Backlinks for SEO

Personal Branding

Search engine marketing has changed quite a bit over just the last couple of years, and many brands may have seen a shift in their exposure as a result. Google’s latest algorithm demands authentic, and original content that does not appear to be spam. It was once popular to use backlinks in order to move up your Page Rank. Today this method is still important — just in a different way.

Does your brand need better quality link referrals? There are new techniques that can attract search engines, and increase your visibility online. In order to be successful on the Internet today you need to be aware of the latest trends in search optimization.

Because in-depth and original articles are now in favor for readers and the search engines you need to take into account what your audience is looking for and why. Here are some updated methods that will help your website rank higher and attract a larger following online.

Steps to Search Engine Marketing in 2017

Publishing fresh, original content for your target market is just the beginning of being found in search.

  • Make sure your website is responsive – As mobile is on the rise your website will need to be optimized to read well on all devices. This includes the loading times and removal of old links and content that affect your search results. Most people today use your smart phones and tablets to find information — the latest Google update reflects this.
  • Focus less on anchor text – Google used to rank a website based on the number of quality backlinks generated from specific linked keywords. Today the measurement is based on how engaging your posts with less of a focus on penalizing for small mistakes. Websites that are solely relying on anchor text links and spam content are now being penalized or don’t even show up in search results.
  • Social media attracts subscribers – It’s important for your personal brand to be active and involved on the social media in order to encourage a link back to your website. Social signals do have an impact on your search ranking, and are also a great way to spread the word on your content to influencers who will share your content. Studies have shown that social media has a positive impact on brand visibility, and can increase your chances of backlinks from a credible source.

As search engine marketing continues to be influenced by a mobile and engaged audience it is important to keep up with the latest updates, and to write content that people will respond to. The quality of your backlinks is now directly related to the type of website you have and whether you are considered a brand authority.