Give Your Personal Brand More Visibility with a Strong Call to Action

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shutterstock_239449078A loyal following is like gold when it comes to building a personal brand. While online marketing is very effective in this process it’s also important to include a strong call-to-action with that, otherwise known as influence or permission marketing. In order to effectively harness the power of this method, it is important to craft your message the right way.

How can brands attract followers who will return again and again? Through the process of understanding who your target market is and where their pain points are. The combined efforts of a stand-out website, great content, and a solid social media marketing strategy will all be enhanced with a strong call-to-action. And it’s even more important to have this speak directly to your brand’s audience.

A personal brand should become in-tune with the needs of its audience and customers in order to be successful with this method. Marketing and branding has a lot to do with influence along with guiding your followers to what matters most to them.

What Makes a Powerful Call-to-Action

Creating a strong call-to-action is not enough to generate a buzz for your brand. Here are some key steps to focus on in order to be most effective:

• Create a colorful sales page – After determining the main message your brand will need to create a sales page directly on your website or through a service like LeadPages. The copy should be simple, to the point, and use strong, web-friendly colors.

• Make it attractive – As your personal brand creates a call-to-action across as many of your web pages as possible in a conversational way your prospects will be more likely to respond. Help them along in what action to take next, which works best with a nice incentive.

• Tap into analytics tools – The moment you have a new subscriber from a strong call-to-action the next step is to analyze the activity, and optimize from there. Google Analytics is one of the best resources out there for brands to accomplish this, and can also help provide insights into the competition.

The purpose of a call-to-action for your personal brand is to direct your prospects where you would like them to go. Over time your loyal followers will begin to interact more on your content, and will be more willing to make a purchase.