We’ve all had those days: computer smokes, website is hacked, incorrect dates are printed on a flyer and arrives too late to reprint, or your words are completely taken out of context and misunderstood by someone close to you.

How you handle these trying times says a lot about you and your character. Your portrayal of who you really are comes out loud and clear – sometimes too loud and too clear.

One of those days

Without realizing it, stress may play a hugely negative factor when you begin taking these unforeseen accidents out on the people trying to help. In the end, you lose the help and any referrals or recommendations they may have provided. Even worse, bad word of mouth may circulate hurting your business further.

Over the years, I have learned it isn’t just me, but everyone has these types of days. Worse yet, often times a number of these unfortunate incidents occur within a short period of time making us feel as if we have sunk to new lows and that it isn’t worth the struggle.

Luckily I learned this downward spiral is similar to the sales motto that 9 “no’s” will get you closer to the 1 “yes.” Therefore when things take a turn for the worse, remind yourself, “Here we go again, it’s just a detour bringing about greater opportunity.”

The next step is to learn to laugh at these minor tragedies knowing they will soon be healed. I look around me observing others in serious health and financial conditions reminding me that a business detour is nothing in comparison and indeed minor.

All of this goes back to the second half of the title of my first book, “Relationship Building That Gets Results.” In your worst hour when things go terribly wrong but you are still able to smile and kindly ask other for extra help offering a bonus for immediate attention, well you become the perfect client. They scramble to help you out of a jam. And when you promptly pay for their services, as in the same day the bill is received, they rejoice in the fact they know you.

Now your reputation or brand is stellar and their entire network will soon learn how terrific you are. You will be attracting more prospects, clients and larger sales as good word of mouth about you spreads far and wide.

The good news is you do not need to wait until disaster hits. Begin making a difference today. Smile, hold out a helping hand and willingly share your knowledge so that someone else may succeed too.

It’s a win for all

Just having used this simple piece of advice as I moved along, three associates this week offered to introduce me to important media connections of theirs. They were thrilled with the advice I provided and I am ecstatic with the prospect of the probable upcoming interviews. This is the definition of the sales term, “Win-win” – where everyone is happy with the results. In short, be a good friend to everyone positively building your brand, and you will find terrific connections to last a lifetime.