How to Develop a Webshow to Showcase Your Personal Brand

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A webshow is a fabulous way to share your expertise while boosting your brand online. It’s an interactive way to reach your audience and help them get to know you in a way that written words on a blog simply cannot.

Here are a few steps to take to start your own show

Step one: Decide on an idea or topic for your show

It should be broad enough to where you can create a multitude of shows on a variety of interesting topics, but narrow enough where you’re filling a specific niche. Do your research on what’s out there already and ask yourself the following:

  • Who will your audience be?
  • Is your topic being covered?
  • What other shows are considered competition in your niche?
  • If there are other established shows out there that cover your topic, how can you tweak your focus to offer something different?

Step two: Determine a platform to host your show

Are you camera shy or do you enjoy being in the spotlight? Would you prefer hosting a podcast as opposed to a videotaped show? It’s important to think about your limitations and weaknesses—along with which format you’ll have the most time for—when developing your own show. Some tools to consider:

  • LiveStream
  • BlogTalkRadio
  • TalkShoe

Step three: Create an outline & editorial calendar

It’s important to be consistent in your webshow in order to create a following. Determine how many shows you’ll host per month and choose a topic in advance. And come up with an interesting or unique name for your show to intrigue people into tuning in. Reach out to guest experts for some variety and welcome call-ins or questions from listeners.

Step four: Create a distinctive ambiance for your show

Whether you’re hosting a podcast or a live show, it’s important to brand your show in a unique way. This includes the “set,” the music, introductions, signoffs, etc. Maintain consistency in the format while still offering up new information and guests each show.