Harvard celebrates Women’s History Month with MBA insights

Harvard Women's Celebration

Harvard Business School marked Women’s History Month with notable contributions from its women MBA students of the 2025 batch, including Aastha Bhardwaj, Whitley Cargile, Briti Ghosh, Veronica Chua, and Eunjin Lee.

Aastha, a critic of corporate gender disparity, highlighted the need for more women in leadership roles. Whitley, a consultant turned entrepreneur, underscored the power of a business degree for female innovators in male-dominated fields.

Briti, a doctor turned businesswoman, shared her experience of blending medical knowledge with business acumen. Veronica, a digital marketing specialist, underscored the vitality of female perspectives in modern ad campaigns. Eunjin, an engineer pursuing her MBA, discussed the importance of women in technology, emphasizing the need for gender diversity in shaping future tech.

These women represent unique perspectives, exhibiting not only their individual talents but a shared commitment to advancing gender equality in business. The celebration centered on the influence of women leaders on students’ personal and professional lives, starting with a detailed presentation on women’s contributions across fields.

The event continued to resonate with personal anecdotes of how female leaders positively influenced students. The atmosphere buzzed with admiration for these women, their triumphs, and the lessons they taught.

Harvard’s MBA insights during Women’s History Month

The celebration highlighted the importance of women’s roles and encouraged students to instill these values in their lives.

The event showcased case subjects’ impact, women who made a lasting positive impact in their fields. These women’s stories inspired, stirred emotions, and ignited the drive to aim higher in a traditionally male-dominated world.

The celebration spotlighted these trailblazing women, emphasizing the potential of every woman while shedding light on the impact of these case subjects in women’s evolution. As April 2024 beckoned, the anticipation for new insights and learnings was palpable. Even after the discussions concluded, their influence endured, encouraging fresh perspectives on conventional business practices.

The event underscored the future promising women in business and their influential industry mentors, filled with hope for growing women’s representation in business. The celebration symbolized the importance of women in business, encouraging their continued inclusion, and acknowledging their irreplaceability in the industry.

An inspiring speech from a senior executive emphasized the progress made and the road ahead, reinforcing the women’s resolution for leadership. The energy in the room, filled with future pioneers networking and exchanging ideas, was palpable. It was not merely a celebration, but a stepping stone towards profound industry changes, underlining the need to break gender barriers and drive global momentum towards gender parity.