Whoop’s wearable tech encourages employee wellbeing

"Wearable Wellbeing Tech"

Whoop, a $3.6-billion healthtech company led by CEO Will Ahmed, is dedicated to unlocking human performance. Through the company’s wearable health tracker, employees can monitor vital health parameters, promoting overall well-being and sustainable productivity.

Ahmed is a firm believer that in-person interactions boost effectiveness and promote strong professional relationships. He stresses the importance of a convenient workplace location to lessen commuting stress and spearheads wellness programs for the mental and physical health of employees. With these, his goal is a supportive, efficient working environment.

In line with this belief, Whoop’s headquarters is strategically situated near Fenway Park and top-ranking hospitals in Boston. This locale puts the company in the middle of significant health, fitness, and performance advancements while allowing it to soak up the innovative culture thriving around it. Ahmed emphasizes that the proximity of these institutions is crucial in fostering company growth and producing groundbreaking ideas that shape the health and fitness industry.

Whoop prioritizes creating a work setting that supports healthy living.

Promoting wellness through Whoop’s wearable tech

Its new workspace in Boston’s Kenmore Square includes designated relaxation and meditation areas. The company heavily invests in supporting the health of employees and has received recognition for its innovative workspace and its focus on wellness and physical fitness.

The company culture at Whoop is built on harmony and impact. During weekly company lunches, testimonials about how the product improves lives and achieves personal goals are shared. It not only fosters a sense of community but also continually reinforces the company’s mission. The company also takes the time to appreciate the contributions of its employees during these gatherings, leading to an inspired and conscientious workforce.

One of Whoop’s unique policies is a bonus system that rewards sleep. Every staff member receives a Whoop band, along with an extra one for a loved one. This initiative spreads the company’s mission of maintaining physical and mental health beyond the confines of the offices, differentiating it from others in the industry.