Corporations hire in many different ways. The most traditional way of hiring is posting an ad for an open position to multiple different places, such as career websites or newspapers and screening the candidates who apply for this position. When a candidate’s skills match a company’s desired job profile, the candidate is invited for an interview and a job offer may be extended to him or her, or the company may reject the candidate and interview others.

However, this doesn’t mean that companies always hire this way. In some cases, corporations hire through referrals. For example, one of the firm’s current employees may refer you for a particular job if that employee thinks you are a good fit for that position. This actually increases your chances of getting hired since someone in the company already approves you. Another way corporations hire is through employment agencies. Corporations hire these staffing agencies to find them suitable candidates for their job openings. Nowadays, companies also use social media websites such as LinkedIn to recruit new employees.

Companies usually hire whenever they have an opening for a certain job. However, I noticed in my experiences that the busiest months for recruiting are usually March, April, and May. The reason for this is that most companies get their annual budget for recruiting at the end of January or in early February, and they do preparations during February and start hiring in spring. Also, most students graduate during May, and this is also another factor affecting especially entry-level recruiting. Nevertheless, some large enterprises, such as the Big Four accounting firms, consulting firms, and financial institutions, hire students during their fall semester, so fall is also a very busy season for student or entry-level hiring.

Still, many of the small and midsize corporations recruit employees whenever they need, as opposed to large enterprises that recruit employees according a certain plan. The key here is to know when your targeted companies are generally recruiting and apply accordingly. Follow your target companies’ social media accounts and even try to network with their employees. In this way, you can learn a job opening before anyone else even before the job ad is posted online. Finally, do not to give up on your job search too quickly unless you believe you did everything you could possibly do correctly. Remember finding a job is a long process and this process is different for everyone.