shutterstock_336789113Requesting appropriate fees speaks to the value placed on your work. But in order for others to value your work, the process starts with you. It begins by establishing credibility and trust prior to ever placing anything on the market.

By building credibility first you are then able to sell value.

Social Media

Whether you are selling to a single entrepreneur or a corporation, everyone takes their own work and ideas seriously. Research the person with whom you are about to meet, and the executive team too, should one exist. Research the popular social media sites in order to gain personal insight about each person prior to meeting.

Profiles usually indicate what the individual holds to be most important to them. Next, glance through their postings and tweets for improved understanding.


Click every tab on the client-to-be website. Take note of what catches your attention. Your notes become the best conversation starters once you advance passed the introductory small talk.

Read up on the industry represented and how the company rates among their competitors. Next, read up on the top competitors in the industry. For added knowledge, compare the competitive company clientele list with that of the company you are about to visit.

First Impression

Your homework done ahead of time empowers your conversation. Trust and credibility are quickly built. Once this is accomplished, you will have the right formula for building a well-recognized personal brand.

One of the initial rewards for having done your homework is that your conversation becomes friendlier. The process will put you far ahead of your own competitors. On occasion, you will be instructed on how to win the business because your prospective clientele enjoys speaking with you.

Poor Entrepreneurial Example

In the early stage of entrepreneurship, it was expected that services be given away for free in order to build credibility. But there comes a point in time when no one can afford to continue down this path.

Have you reached your limit of giving services away for free?

Sell Value

Frequently it is the lack of self-confidence that is called into question. Review past accomplishments and list them. If you are active on social media, review the nice comments received. What is the common thread for all of these? Focus on the commonality to build talking points for your clientele. Marketing pieces may be created around these as well. This becomes your grassroots branding program at its best.

Setting a fee for services also requires research. You will need to decide if you wish to be at the top of the scale, mid-way, or at the bottom. There is an emotional tie in all of this. Imagine yourself at a department store first drooling over the expensive designer section and then timidly walking over to the reduced pricing section.

Where you would like your services to appear – designer or reduced?

The way in which to build credibility, that produces referrals and testimonials, is to charge a fee that is fair to all (including yourself) and deliver on and possibly beyond the expectations of your clientele.

As long as you produce highly credible information, outstanding customer care, and exceed expectations, you will produce a clientele that sees the value in your work.

The best news is you will have developed a returning and referring clientele known as the Smooth Sale!