How Personal Brands Can Succeed with SEO for 2016

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shutterstock_181608659Search engine marketing has transformed over the last couple of years, and many brands may have seen a change in their visibility in the search engines as a result. Social media is now a large influence in the way people look for information, which is driven by conversations and phrases. Google’s latest algorithm has evolved to adapt to this new method of communication, and influences the way personal brands publish content.

Has your brand’s website been lagging behind in search? There are new techniques that can attract readers, and increase your visibility. In order to be successful on the Internet today you need to be aware of the latest trends in content marketing.

The modern SEO methods differ from those in the past, which had been much more focused on main keywords. In-depth and original articles are now in favor for readers and the search engines. Here are some new techniques that will help your website rank higher and attract a larger following online.

Steps to Search Engine Marketing in 2016

Creating fresh, original content for your target market is just the beginning of being found in search.

  • Research devices instead of keywords – While honing in on a list of keywords for your personal brand’s niche is good start for your website content, these should only be used as a basic model. Responsive design that adapts easily to mobile will ensure your brand is being seen by the most people in your target market. Quality, organic content will improve your ranking and reach even further, which is much more than keyword links.
  • Focus less on backlinks – Google used to rank a website based on the number of quality backlinks. New tools allow for blocking these, which is a byproduct of too many spam or bot referrals. Brands should focus more on content and comments than backlinks, although these still play a minor role in Google’s search monitoring.
  • Social media attracts online attention – It’s important for your personal brand to be active and involved on the social networks that matter to your community. These social signals do have an impact on your search ranking, and are also a great way to spread the word on your content. Google has not officially recognized this as a determining factor in their calculations, but studies have shown that social media has a positive impact on brand visibility.

As search engine marketing changes it is important to keep up with the latest trends, and to write fresh and original content that people are searching for in your personal brand’s target market. Once you make a connection with the needs of your audience it is more likely that your website will rank higher in search, which will lead to more visitors and exposure online.