How to Not Be Just Another Boring E-commerce Site

Entrepreneur Idols

Anybody can use a drag and drop website builder, upload a few products, and launch an e-commerce store. But, not everybody will experience success with this business venture. Here’s how to make your online store stand out from the rest.

When hiring, look for good cultural fits.

To some, e-commerce is still a fairly new concept. I remember straight out of college, I actually had no idea what internet marketing actually was. That’s kinda crazy, because I have a Bachelor’s in marketing. My point is, the times are changing. You want to hire people that understand the undeniable power of technology, the Internet, and innovation. Make sure their work style fits the requirements of your environment.

Rely on a professional web designer.

This is one project that shouldn’t be done in house. Unless you have an insanely talented web developer, hire a team to implement your vision. Whenever I’m looking to facilitate a new website design, I head over to, post a job, and then filter through tons of qualified candidates. This helps me find a skilled designer within my budget; one who can respect my turnaround time while still giving me a top of the line product.

Text out special mobile offers to your customers.

99% of all text messages are opened within five minutes or less. Don’t ignore this statistic. Run a text to win contest. Send out a jaw dropping picture message. This will totally encourage indecisive window shoppers to take action. No matter what offers you choose to promote, text marketing for e-commerce stores boasts an irresistible return. Get your product in the hands of the consumer with weekly campaigns.

Here’s a great example.

Today we’re running a special for our text subscribers! Enter VIP at checkout for $10 off your order of $30 or more.

Stop talking about your product.

Don’t make every single piece of content all about your product.  Seriously, if you just focus on selling, you’ll quickly run out of listening ears. Instead, focus on telling a story. Introduce customers to your team. Talk about the day you hit your very first million (yes, that’s right; I have high hopes for you.) Give a backstage sneak peek at day to day office life.

Build a community around your brand.

You don’t want your e-commerce store to be a fly by night operation. The real key to success? Lifestyle branding. Build a branded community. When you do that, sales will naturally increase, as customers will feel a heightened sense of loyalty to your brand.

Ready to launch your very own e-commerce store? After reading this post, you should be a step ahead of all the rest.