Improve Meeting and Party Results with Holiday Cheer

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shutterstock_233269531Do you sometimes have a bit of the“bah humbug” feeling when the need arises to attend company events? Most likely, you would prefer to spend your time with family and friends. Even worse, a “gift exchange” may be a requirement. The pressure of time and money spent may put unwelcomed pressure on you.

Should you be feeling this way, it becomes an excellent lesson to recognize the same issues hold true for your prospective clientele. Time and money are two major influencers for securing any sale. Understanding this frame of mind enables you to speak to each individual’s concerns.

In the case of attending parties with good cheer, it is wise to prepare for selling yourself on having a good time! Doing so will influence others to join you.

Your frame of mind predicts your outcome.

Adjust Your Mindset

Reframe your perspective of “have to attend” to “want to attend”. Focus on:
* A new friend may be found
* The executive you wanted to meet could be introduced
* A good time will be had!

Party Preparation

Salespeople normally dress in their best professional clothing to secure a sale. Similarly, wear your favorite party attire. Take one last look in the mirror to affirm you look good! Repetivitely, tell yourself that you will have a good time until you believe it will be true. This leads to entering the event on a high note.

Meeting Guests

Throughout the evening attempt to meet a number of guests versus monopolizing someone’s time or having yours wasted by another. This will increase your odds of becoming acquainted with those who interest you the most. Lead the conversations with questions such as, “Do you have special plans during the holiday season?”


On occasion someone is seen who appears to take control of one dish at a buffet table. It’s usually because they don’t have the confidence to meet new people. Don’t be that person. Help yourself to food and move away to allow space for someone else.

If seated at tables, observe the speed of eating. Time your food consumption speed to be somewhere in the middle of the others at your table. To eliminate any embarrassment, if you aren’t certain which glass or spoon might be yours, pause for a moment for someone else to take the lead.

Saying Goodbye

During the party, be certain to have a quick conversation with the host to inquire of their holiday plans. Upon leaving the party, thank the host for a great evening, and wish them a wonderful holiday season.

Holiday Appointments

On holiday appointments, thank people for their willingness to meet with you. Inquire of their holiday plans upfront prior to the business conversation. Upon leaving, wish they and their families a wonderful holiday and New Year.


On your way home, focus on the positive highlights of either the event or meeting. Follow-up with a nice note afterward. Your next interaction with any of the people in the New Year should begin with, “How was your holiday?”

Your friendly interactions will grow a strong personal brand and be likely to lead you to the Smooth Sale!