INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Tips for Telling Your Story with Video

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Check out this infographic for video ideas and tips on how to get your personal brand across well on camera.

My team and I created this as an add-on to my ebook Camera Ready…but even if you don’t need video tips, you might want to consider designing an infographic to supplement and explain your services or product. A good infographic is easy to understand, fun to look at, AND educational.  Does this one succeed? Let me know on Twitter @manoushz or on my website. Feel free to pass this along to friends and colleagues too.


Manoush’s Spreecast workshops will be based on the curriculum and methodology laid out in her multimedia ebook Camera Ready (Amazon’s Top 100 Journalism ebooks). Her video expertise comes from years of reporting and producing for BBC News and Reuters Television. She works with organizations to make better video and is the host of WNYC’s New Tech City. Follow her on Twitter @manoushz.