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  • Intentions are Important, but Results get Counted

    Business Results photo from ShutterstockHow many times have you said or heard … “But, their intentions were good”

    Did you immediately assume whatever they attempted was a failed effort?

    Did you think that a giving something “the old college try” is good enough?

    Usually when I hear the words “their intentions were good” I start to think … uh oh. What happened?

    Intentions are Important

    Everyone has to start somewhere. And intentions are a great place to start. However, intentions without execution are nothing but wishful thinking. And wishful thinking is not much more than a hope and a dream. As I’ve written about before Hope is not a strategy. 

    Put a plan in place. Take the time to identify the initial steps. Using one of the tried and true 7 Habits from Stephen Covey… Begin with the End in Mind. Envision what you want to achieve with your intentions. Think about the 4W’s and the H.

    • Who – Who needs to be involved? Who are the stakeholders?
    • What – What needs to be done? What does success look like?
    • When – When is this due? Is there any leeway?
    • Where – Where does the work need to be completed? Where does the end product need to be delivered?

    And don’t forget the “H”… where H is the How! How will each step be accomplished and who will need to be involved?

    Results Matter

    Intentions are important, but you are measured by your results. You may get some credit for having great intentions, but in the end you are ultimately measured on what you delivered. And, that you delivered it correctly, on-time, on budget and to the right people.

    It all starts with an idea. Or in some cases a directive from your manager, your customers or partners. You have to start somewhere. As you put together your Intention Plan take the time to think about the 4 W’s and the H. Think hard about whether you can deliver the goods and can match all five of the points. If you can’t you need to ask a few more questions and perhaps make a few adjustments. Take the time upfront to do this. Your career, your reputation and your livelihood depend on it.

    When you do this consistently you will Stand Out in Your Career. You will increase your authenticity, your personal and professional reputation will be enhanced and you will be sought after. Not because you take the easy way, but because you ask the hard questions. And the reason you ask the hard questions is because you want to make sure you deliver on your intentions. And because you know that Intentions are Important, but Results get Counted.

    What will you make sure gets counted this week?

    Jeff is an expert in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, and K2. He is currently consulting with Microsoft and partners to drive Community Engagement and Alliances. Follow him on Twitter @jshuey or on LinkedIn: in/JeffShuey

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