Marin Software enhances advertising features, expands Amazon DSP access

"Advertising Features Expansion"

Marin Software Incorporated, a leader in the digital advertising space, recently announced significant advancements to its advertising features. These include keeping pace with modern advertising strategies like Sponsored TV and non-endemic advertising. In addition, more businesses now have access to Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP), further enhancing Marin Software’s comprehensive and targeted advertising solutions.

Sponsored TV is an innovative feature that allows advertisers to reach out to Amazon’s massive user base of 155 million monthly users, even if they aren’t direct sellers on Amazon. The increased exposure can help marketers greatly enhance their visibility, engaging potential customers through seamless brand messaging integration.

Non-endemic advertising is another vital upgrade. This feature enables companies that do not operate on Amazon to create marketing strategies aligned with Amazon’s customer behaviors. This not only broadens their customer base but also heralds an interactive relationship with Amazon’s substantial shopper audience.

Enhancing digital advertising with Marin Software

Furthermore, Marin Software has announced that the Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is accessible to its clients worldwide. The systematic purchase of ads and detailed analytics on Amazon’s platforms translates to a wider reach and efficient advertising experience.

Chris Lein, CEO of Marin Software, highlights how these strategic advancements are geared towards helping digital marketers form effective online connections with customers. The improvement through Sponsored TV, the launch of non-endemic advertising, and the global reach of DSP allows businesses to enrich their brands and open avenues for unconventional promotions.

Marin Software’s new services enhance their existing Amazon Ads offerings by merging intelligent features, AI-based optimization, and customizable automation. This suite of tools helps to maximize outreach and impact, enabling businesses to effectively reach Amazon’s vast user base.

Marin Software’s commitment to transforming the world of paid marketing through efficiency and transparency is clear. Their primary goal is to make advanced advertising solutions more accessible to companies everywhere.