Heather Huhman, a contributing author to the Personal Branding Blog and President of ComeRecommended.com, cited three personal branding predictions for 2011. One of them focused on mobile applications and websites. What have you done to prepare for your personal brand to go mobile?

Just look at the stats:

  • 87% of Americans have mobile phones
  • 72% of consumers regularly send/receive text messages.
  • Consumers send 664 texts per month vs. making and receiving 176 phone calls.
  • Worldwide mobile – 5 Billion vs. Personal Computer Penetration 1.1 Billion
  • Mobile web usage is not just for generation Y – it’s growing amongst all generations

In fact, 55 million people use mobile web as their number one choice to surf the web and find information

-Source: Kelsey, 2009 and Accenture.

  • Google is the most popular mobile internet site
  • Second, is Facebook.
  • Third, are Yahoo sites.

-Source: Mobile Metrix, Feb. 2010

Ask yourself

What methods are you using to start a dialogue with potential employers, clients or contacts using a mobile device?

When was the last time you looked at your online profiles? Are they mobile compatible? Can the be read easily in one look via a SmartPhone or do you just see a portion of who you are?

1. Take a mobile review of all your profiles. Who measures up and is ready for your mobile connections? Who isn’t?

2. Since Facebook is the number one social network and the number two mobile destination, having a Facebook business profile – for you and/or for your business – is a must have. Do you have one?

If so, please share your Facebook URL in the comment section below so we can take a look at how you manage your brand on Facebook!

3. Is your blog and/or personal site, mobile ready?