Moving from no communication to harmonious relationship

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shutterstock_217889020You might have just landed a new and exciting client. Putting your best foot forward is essential for building a long lasting relationship.

But sometimes, although your best was delivered, the communication seems to die. It completely ruins your day and sometimes even an entire week. It’s not worthwhile to allow this to happen because it poorly affects all else you do in that time period. An improved approach is to review everything that took transpired prior to the silence in place.

As long as you are certain you are performing at your best levels, you have nothing to regret. The problem most likely resides on the other end. You might try reaching out once or twice by varied types of communication, but after that, you need to value your own time. On occasion, apologies will be forthcoming later on.

 Time Management

Know that chasing a relationship that isn’t meant to be will only drain your time and effectiveness, both of which negatively affect your bottom line. Focus instead on your better clientele. Doing so eliminates extra stress and allows you to continue to perform to your best standards.

Pending Clients

While in conversation with prospective clients, be sure to speak to their expectations and timelines for finalizing business with assurances you are able to deliver. One added step is to express that you wish to move forward for the long-term by ensuring you are on the same page with the project. Therefore, you welcome feedback at every stage.

The gesture of welcoming feedback does two things to your favor. First, your client will sense the integrity with which you work, and secondly, will pitch in to help you to do a good job.

The above insights stem from the philosophy of proceeding from your client’s point of view. By taking their perspective in first, they will be far more receptive to yours. Is this 100%? In working with others, rarely will you find a strategy that works all of the time. However, this strategy has proven to work a high percentage of the time.

From the client perspective, it’s about liking and trusting you, and believing you work with integrity. Asking for feedback and implementing their suggestions provides confirmation that you are in fact the right person for the job.

Once satisfaction is expressed with the service sold, ask for a follow-up meeting. Lead with inquiring as to goals laid out ahead for the company and how your service may contribute to those. This type of inquiry implants the vision that you are in there for the long term.


Adhering to everything you claim to do, and to be, builds a very strong personal brand to your favor. Most of the competition is knocked out of the park. Your reward becomes not only a returning clientele, but also one that promotes you to everyone they know. This is how you establish the Smooth Sale!