OREO Reimagines Its Packaging: A Sweet Initiative

OREO Initiative

Did you know that “Oreo” is the sixth most common name for black-and-white pets as well as a well-known cookie brand? Oreo, a popular cookie company, stumbled upon this nugget of information and promptly took corrective measures. To aid in the adoption of shelter animals, Oreo has launched the “Oreo & Friends” initiative in partnership with the advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi MEA. The fate of abandoned pets in the UAE, especially those named Oreo, will be improved thanks to this heartwarming campaign. Discover how Oreo is making a difference with its recognizable packaging through a closer look at this initiative.

Surge in Unclaimed Pets

People’s lives were drastically altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people found solace and company in their pets during these times of upheaval and isolation. The United Arab Emirates saw a rise in abandoned pets as normalcy returned. This disturbing pattern is largely attributable to the large number of expats who have recently left Dubai for reasons such as better job opportunities or visa problems. Oreo, realizing the gravity of the situation, decided to head on into the fire.

How “Oreo & Friends” Got Started.

Oreo has launched an initiative called “Oreo & Friends” in collaboration with two of the largest animal shelters in the area, K9 Friends and Yanni Animal Welfare. These organizations are working together to find homes for these adorable black-and-white animals, some of whom are named after well-known cookie brands. Oreo uses this campaign to show its dedication to doing good in the world while also drawing attention to the problem of abandoned pets.

Changes in Packaging

The famous blue color of Oreo’s packaging was changed for this special promotion. The blue hue was ditched in favor of a monochromatic scheme reminiscent of black and white animals. Three different kennels for canines, felines, and rabbits were incorporated into the design of the packaging. Now that they can be purchased on InstaShop, pet owners who want to show their support for the cause without sacrificing their sweet tooth can do so without leaving the comfort of their favorite cookies.

Locating Permanent Residences

Oreo created a microsite specifically for the initiative so that people looking to adopt a pet could do so. Visitors can easily browse available pets and apply to adopt them thanks to the site’s straightforward layout. Oreo’s mission is to improve the adoption process for shelter animals by putting interested people in touch with animal rescue groups.

Many of the dogs in our care are looking for new homes, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to get the word out. Solange Bornand, Manager at K9 Friends, thinks it’s great that Oreo is supporting the organization’s efforts to find forever homes for shelter dogs.

Oreo’s tagline, “Stay Playful,” fits in well with the goals of this action plan. Oreo is staying true to its playful spirit by tackling the issue of pet abandonment and partnering with pet rescues. The brand’s innovative and lighthearted approach to a serious issue has successfully accomplished both goals: increased understanding and increased participation.

This campaign captures the irreverent nature of Oreo perfectly. The meaning, however, is not light. According to Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai’s Executive Creative Director, Gautam Wadher, “we’ve made the pets who are up for adoption the stars of all our communication.”

Oreo has gone above and beyond by modifying all of its social content in an effort to increase the number of pets adopted. By shifting the focus from products to pets, the brand aims to draw people’s attention to the adorable animals available for adoption. Oreo’s goal is to find loving homes for homeless animals by appealing to people’s emotions with entertaining and touching content.

Participate in the “Oreo & Friends” Revolution

Participating in “Oreo & Friends” is easy to do. Check out the microsite specifically for adoptable pets and read all about them! The temperament, care requirements, and favored activities of each animal are detailed in its individual profile. If you think you’ve found your perfect pet, fill out an adoption application and start the process of bringing a new friend into your life. If you join the movement, you’ll do more than just give a pet a good home; you’ll help cut down on the number of unwanted animals in the United Arab Emirates.

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What is the “Oreo & Friends” initiative about?

Oreo, in partnership with Saatchi & Saatchi MEA and local animal shelters, has launched the “Oreo & Friends” initiative to aid the adoption of black-and-white shelter animals in the UAE, some of whom are named after cookie brands including Oreo.

Why was this initiative launched?

Due to an increase in abandoned pets in the UAE post-pandemic, especially by expats leaving Dubai, Oreo initiated this campaign to find homes for these pets and bring attention to the issue of pet abandonment.

How has Oreo’s packaging changed for this initiative?

Oreo’s iconic blue packaging was changed to a monochromatic scheme reflecting the black and white color of the animals. The packaging design now incorporates images of kennels for dogs, cats, and rabbits, available for purchase on InstaShop.

What organizations are partnering with Oreo for this initiative?

Oreo is collaborating with two large animal shelters, K9 Friends and Yanni Animal Welfare, alongside advertising firm Saatchi & Saatchi MEA, to facilitate the adoption of black-and-white animals.

How can interested individuals participate in the “Oreo & Friends” initiative?

People can visit the initiative’s microsite to browse available pets and apply for adoption. Each pet’s profile provides details on temperament, care requirements, and favorite activities to help potential adopters find a good match.

What is the main goal of the “Oreo & Friends” initiative?

The initiative aims to improve the adoption process for shelter animals by connecting interested individuals with animal rescue groups, ultimately finding loving homes for these animals and reducing the number of abandoned pets in the UAE.

How does this initiative reflect Oreo’s brand message?

Aligning with Oreo’s tagline, “Stay Playful”, this initiative showcases Oreo’s playful spirit and innovative approach towards a serious issue, embodying the brand’s aim to do good in the world while addressing pet abandonment.

What has been the response from the partnering shelters?

Solange Bornand, Manager at K9 Friends, appreciates Oreo’s support in finding forever homes for shelter dogs, showcasing the collaborative effort towards addressing pet abandonment.

How has Oreo modified its social content for this initiative?

Oreo has shifted its social content focus from products to pets to draw attention to the available animals for adoption, aiming to appeal to people’s emotions with engaging and touching content to encourage adoptions.

How does the initiative plan to increase public understanding and participation?

Through the redesigned packaging, microsite for pet adoption, and a shift in social content focus, Oreo aims to raise awareness, engage the public, and facilitate the pet adoption process, promoting a significant social cause in a playful and innovative manner.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by SHAYAN IZADI; Unsplash – Thank you!