boy-1300226_640Perseverance is the key to success in any endeavor. Particularly when things do not play out as anticipated, we need to be vigilant and try again. There are a number of ways to lighten the burden and increase the odds for being successful.

Perseverance ~ Try, Learn from Poor Outcomes, Try Again

Today, there are a variety of mediums available to connect with people from around the globe. It’s the prompt attention and the personal touch that make a huge difference.


You will find that by communicating on a personal note rather than generic, you have a much improved opportunity to make the better connection. Doing so also attracts the “qualify and match” technique that is frequently mentioned.

Try this experiment:  Write one email message at time with the person’s first name and open with a personal sentence as to why you are writing.  Include your contact information beneath.  You just might be surprised by those who take the time to respond. This opens the doors for far improved  opportunity that arrives unexpectedly.

On the opposite side of this action is the fact that most people do not take the time to personally respond. Therefore, by working in this manner it becomes another opportunity to distinguish your personal brand.

Social Media

One of the best social media strategies is to share your most valuable insights based upon personal experience. Some question this idea given they believe it should be a paid service. On the other hand, social media allows for many thousands of people to find and follow you. This alone is worth far more than a small fee that would otherwise be received. It’s a mindset shift that is to be adapted in order to experience improved results.


Review your past activities. These three questions are provided to potentially improve effort for the future:

  • How do you initiate email such as the popular, “hey there” or “Hi John”? *
  • Do you check messages and respond quickly on the social media sites?
  • Are you sharing valuable insights or simply focusing on hopefully getting the sale?

Although the suggested effort might slow you down a bit, consider how it might improve your sales ability and business. The time invested upfront translates into the income earned.

Sales Tips:

  1.  Be personable
  2. Be attentive
  3. Be respectful
  4. Deliver your best each time
  5. Only make promises you can keep
  6. Get to know others personally with a professional approach
  7. Learn both the personal and business goals of the person you meet
  8. Should extra research be required, do it willingly
  9. Share value-add insight
  10. Develop client loyalty

By following these guidelines, you will earn a returning and referring clientele – the definition of the Smooth Sale!