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Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 5, Issue 1

Brand Leverage: Take Your Brand To The Next Level


Volume 5, Issue 1 is focused on how to use your established brand to unlock new opportunities and beat your competition. Brooke Burke, featured in our cover story, is a great example of someone who’s successfully leveraged her brand. Brooke has taken the success of her TV and modeling career and used it to start her own company called Baboosh Baby. Since she is a well-known brand, she’s able to open doors and create new monetization opportunities. Whether you’re famous or just starting out, this issue will give you the tools and advice you need to create brand leverage in your industry.

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Exclusive interviews with:

  • Brooke Burke is a television  personality, model, and occasional dancer, known for hosting Wild On!  (1999–2002), Rock Star (2005–2006), for winning the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars  and for co-hosting Dancing With the Stars starting in 2010.
  • Justin Halpern is the author  of the Twitter  feed and best-selling book Shit My Dad Says. He is also the co-writer and co-executive producer of a CBS television situation comedy series based on the book.
  • Jim Craig is a former American ice hockey goaltender  who is most notable for being the goaltender for the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team that won the Olympic gold medal at the Lake Placid Winter Games.
  • Barbara Corcoran is a real estate investor and agent, a Shark on the ABC show Shark Tank, and a real estate correspondent for NBC.
  • Ali Brown is the founder and CEO of media company Ali International, LLC, which includes the Millionaire Protégé Club, Ali Magazine, Ali Boutique, and Shine Events.
  • Adam Bryant is the deputy national editor of The New York Times, has been a journalist for more than two decades. He is the author of The Corner Office.
  • Peter Shankman is best known for founding Help A Reporter Out (HARO), which in under a year has become the de-facto standard for thousands of journalists looking for sources on deadline, offering them more than 125,000 sources around the world looking to be quoted in the media.


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  • Miriam Salpeter and Jessica Lewis are the editors.
  • Columnists: Tiffany Monhollon, Maria Elena Duron, Vikram Rajan, Georgina Taylor, Ivana Taylor, Howard Sholkin, Paul Harrer, Nunzio Bruno, Hannah Samuel, Jack Humphrey,  and Barbara Ellis.

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