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The Final Issue of Personal Branding Magazine with Donald Trump, Warren Bennis & Susan Cain

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 5, Issue 4 Entrepreneurship: Turn Your Idea Into A Success

I started Personal Branding Magazine back in 2007 after creating the Personal Branding Blog. I noticed that professionals wanted multiple ways to consume content and that a magazine was a great option at the time. The first issue had merely …

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Personal Branding Magazine Issue 18 With Clayton Christensen!

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 5, Issue 2 Brand Innovation


Volume 5, Issue 2 focuses on how to innovate and cause disruption in your industry. Clayton Christensen, featured in our cover story, is a pioneer when it comes to teaching companies how to build and maintain a successful enterprise through innovation. “Disruption innovation,” a …

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Announcing the Launch of Millennial Branding, LLC

Back in 2007, I had a vision of creating a “personal branding world.” A world in which everyone would have the opportunity to stand out and achieve success through the internet. The blue logo compass with the black silhouette, that you still see on all of my websites today, was established to become your guide …

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Free Sample: Personal Branding Magazine Issue 12 With Kathy Ireland & Vanna White

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 3, Issue 4 Celebrity Spokespeople Summary

Volume 3, Issue 4 is focused on celebrity spokespeople, and includes interviews with famous individuals, such as Kathy Ireland, a former model turned entrepreneur, and Vanna White, from the TV hit “Wheel of Fortune.” Celebrities are able to maximize their brand, leverage it, and …

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Personal Branding Magazine Issue 11 Seth Godin Interview Preview

For the February issue of Personal Branding Magazine, Seth Godin will grace the cover, with an exclusive and lengthy interview I conducted with him about his new book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable. Out of all his bestselling books, this one is the closest related to personal branding because it focuses on becoming indispensable, meaning that …

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Free Sample: Personal Branding Magazine Issue 11 With Seth Godin & Guy Fieri

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 3, Issue 3 How To Become Indispensable with Seth Godin Summary

Volume 3, Issue 3 is about becoming so important to your company, your customers and the people around you, that they can’t live without you. When that occurs, you’ll be making more money, have better relationships and wield a …