Older People For Employees

This is the real time, a surreal time when obstacles fall away

By simply approaching them and encroaching on a new field of play

I go where I want because suddenly nothing is too tough

No barrier is too tall, no opponent is too rough to defeat me

Today, this year, or the remainder of my time here

No ogre, no monster, no bully, no evildoer

Will be the boss of me or scare from moving forward

Suddenly it’s clear, this is no time to stall or stray

This no time to malinger, no time to delay

I demand rather than declare

I command rather than dare

Now I am in charge of my time, my mind and my career

It took me quite a while to find out the truth

This life is a jagged path

There are no perfect routes

I have found my way home on my own in the dark

So I am not afraid to go out on my own anymore

I am not afraid of hearing there might be closed doors

Or that people won’t approve or vote yes or pitch in

I am on a road worth traveling even if I am alone

There is freedom ahead and what could be a bigger win

Than relying on myself and getting away from the din

Of naysayers and grumblers and bullies and bears

I rise on the heat of all their hot air

Yes, that’s me way up high, above and ahead

In a place of my own, where no could have led me

Because each of us has a unique way, we must find

Our own place called success that’s uniquely sublime

So stop trying to steal mine, compete with me or else

You will lose your precious battle, which is really with yourself

When you find your own path, you will love what you see

I’ll be happy for you, because I am happy with me

Feel free to ignore me if you can’t bear my zeal

Because this is my time, my path and my purpose for real